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    i can't remember what section i saw this.

    I somewhat remember this. I made the comment that I would like to see the end result when he posted the pics. It may be buried in here somewhere. Tom
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I just read this before going to work this morning. I will be smiling today. Tom
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    For Sale: NOS Camaro Sheet Metal

    Bump for the new year. Still in dry storage.
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    What was your most fun and favorite Engine, Transmisison, Gear combo ???

    1966 Chevy II SS. 331 4speed 4:88s on slicks, 12.20 @ 110 MPH. 7000 RPM was not a wise choice...
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Stunning....but not in a good wat P.T.
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    That plate thing... :oops:
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    Thank You. I may see you later today.
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    Sounds good. Thank You. Tom
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    Mounting points are the two threaded towers.
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    Heater Valve Vacuum Switch for a 1970-? . This valve mounts on the bottom of a Heater/ Air Condition Control Assembly. Casting number is: 7308933. I disassembled this Control Assembly awhile back and have misplaced this Switch. . Hoping someone may have a bin or box of "parts" Controllers. Will...
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    If you want the printed page send me your name and address. Tom

    If you want the printed page send me your name and address. Tom
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    1976 Camaro Seat Belt Research

    Just to throw a wrench into the mix, , Camaros used 6 different seat belt models. I have a 1976 GM counter book in front of me and they show illustrations of them. It may help or it may add to the confusion. I can take the page out and make a copy to send it to you. I dont think that I can get a...
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    Happy to see some familiar names

    I remember you, you bought some parts from my son and I. It was at Carlisle. I remember that you lived way out west. Tom
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    Very Odd Dash Vents

    More Pics.
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    Very Odd Dash Vents

    As you can see in the pics I have 2 1979-1980 dash bezels. BTW, disregard the fact that the correct vents has one in upside down. The second set of pics shows dash vents that are very odd. The slats move left to right, plus they tilt in and out. I see nothing to indicate that someone "hacked"...
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    u joint strap question ?

    I recently found out that Chevrolet used at least 3 different strap/bolt spacing sizes. Check the pinion flange to see if there is a casting number then go from there.
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    "For the win"
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    78-81 Door panel chrome strip

    You can buy rolls of the chrome looking tape. It is not quite the right width, but if you install it from the 'top", only a very small amount will not be covered on the bottom. I dont know where I got it, but I may be able to find out. BTW even though the "tape" is peeling the rest of the areas...
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    For Sale: NOS Camaro Sheet Metal

    The fenders have been sold. The inner fenders are not correct for them.. The parts remaining for sale are the 2 rear quarter panels and the driver side front inner fender. Tom
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    Goodguys Columbus Camaros

    Unique body mods on the green car.

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