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  1. lumpy12

    For the "Air" heads here.....

    Its a drone. I think it was launched mid air if I recall correctly Did I show you guys this?
  2. lumpy12

    milodon gear drive

    I ran one on a Pontiac motor years ago. It worked fine for me
  3. lumpy12

    Have any of you used ultimatums to get promoted/changes at work?

    Best advice my mom ever gave was only leave a job for a better one. Tell your wife to lay low and go job hunting. If she finds a better one, then do the ultimatum. If she doesn't, then she hasn't burned her bridges
  4. lumpy12

    Happy 420 potheads

  5. lumpy12


    I shot this last weekend
  6. lumpy12

    Question about harassment or threats

    He just threatened you. I'd file a police report. Then if something happens, you already have the documentations started. Also, you don't know what his record is like so talking with a cop might give you some clues. I'm not sure about contacting him to try to smooth things out, maybe, but...
  7. lumpy12

    What Works Best To Remove RTV Silicone

    Gasoline. Makes it swell and and then easier to get off with a razor blade
  8. lumpy12

    Any thoughts on this Vision brand wheel from summit?

    I have those in grey centers with 17x9 with a 5" BS and they're great
  9. lumpy12

    Switching over to syn oil

    Royal Purple has a ZDDP enhanced synthetic. I don't think Mobil 1 has extra ZDDP
  10. lumpy12

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Got a new Chevy Bolt EV. Now the Camaro has kin to keep it company in the garage :D
  11. lumpy12

    The Chevrolet Cheetah

    I'd love to build one of these. I believe there is a company producing kits now
  12. lumpy12

    What's Missing In This Picture

    Yeah, Ive seen that before with stuff I've gotten from Summit. Open the box, that's clearly been re-taped, and find something someone tried to use before. When that's happened, I sent it back and either insisted on them sending me an unused item, or went direct to the manufacturer. I suggest...
  13. lumpy12

    What's Missing In This Picture

    I sure understand your frustration. Are you getting these pans, the Moroso and Canton, direct from the mfrs. or from a middleman like Summit? The Canton pan sounds like someone tried to install it and [email protected]#%ed it up
  14. lumpy12

    My new project is not as sick as Mavs but it only has 2 wheels...

    I used to have one of those Suzukis! Great bike
  15. lumpy12

    What's Missing In This Picture

    I'm surprised about the Canton pan. Mine was perfect when i got it. I'm not surprised about the Moroso pan however :eek: What are you gonna do?
  16. lumpy12

    Water in the trunk after I wash the car...why

    Maybe .... they didn't for me!
  17. lumpy12

    Water in the trunk after I wash the car...why

    I have some that gets in by the tail light gaskets. Just another thing for the to-do list!
  18. lumpy12

    Performance PCV Valves

    I used to run pan evacs on my old super gas Firebird and they worked great. On my street driven Camaro however I'm using a PCV and a Moroso air/oil separator. I wanted the benefit of a vacuum in my crankcase but also better smelling exhaust :D Here's an interesting thread on PCV's...
  19. lumpy12

    Leave it alone ?

    I'm with the leave it alone crowd. It looks really nice given it's age. I'd fix what's broken and just enjoy it. Congrats on the find!

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