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    C5 Front Hubs

    The CPP uprights are fine, it's the garbage hubs and brakes that are the problem. After having one come apart, they asked me ' You're not autocrossing with these are you?' It cost me another $1200 to make them work correctly. CPP's answer was to supposedly put a disclaimer in their printed...
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    LS Header options

    I have the Hooker headers and mounts and the fit is great. Contact Keith at Customworks and he will get you the right combo....
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    Ordered exhaust...

    I have the Pypes 3" with their mufflers all the way out the back. It fits great, sounds incredible, and with a LS motor works very well.
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    Hooker / Holley's new 2nd gen LS set-up

    Keith did my install and the ground clearance is great...
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    Hobart Mig Welder kit for $299.99 on Black Friday

    It's back up to $384 plus shipping!
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    Found bore damage - Salvage or time for the Bin? (Photo's included)

    Run it, worst case senario you might have a little blow by in that cylinder.
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    Budget Brakes: 1LE vs C5

    I had the 1LE setup on my car and did not feel like it stopped like I wanted so I am in the process of installing the CPP C5 vette hub and spindle setup, which gets to a 13" rotor. I have been very impressed so far but have not driven the car to say how much of a difference it makes. I thing the...
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    Anybody use the new C5 spindles from CPP yet?

    I have the CPP setup and am very impressed with the quality. Even IF the C5 hubs are the weak link they are cheap and easy to replace, besides it is unlikely any of our cars are driven that much to be an issue. Mine will be driven a few times a month and autocrossed every few months and when the...
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    front to low with QA-1 coilovers

    I have the QA1's on my car, you need to adjust the adjuster nuts up about 1/3 of the way to get the correct ride height. If you installed them all the way down it is almost impossible to adjust with a spanner wrench until you get up out of the spring pocket in the lower control arm. Hope this helps.
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    Project reForged

    Scott, my apologies, of course you are correct. I almost mentioned the Cheverra in my rant. Adams - Guldstrand....both gurus, just wrong car. Thanks for catching that.
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    Project reForged

    Slammed, Dick Guldstrand was the guru behind making these cars handle back in the day. The suggestion from him was on the front rear spring mount to raise the mounting point up 3/4 of an inch. This requires cutting a relief in the top of the mount, but the floor board pocket is large enough...
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    Project reForged

    That was followed by a second call to Keith for the subframe connectors, Landrum rear springs, and rear adjustable sway bar. I also found new wheels at San Diego Wheel and Tire. They are Rocket Bullet hyper silver 18x8 with 245/45/18 in the front and 18x9 with 275/35/18 rear. The tires are good...
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    Project reForged

    So around this part in the build is when I found the helpful people on this website. And the direction of the build started to change. I found out about the Guldstrand rear spring modification; and of course that meant new urethane bushings, a shiney new diff cover, and painted shocks and...
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    Project reForged

    We selected front seats from Summit and had the rear reupholstered to match. The car also got new loop carpet . All of the interior panels including the dash pad were painted with SEM Landau black. I was amazed at the results. I also fabricated a new dash panel, covered it with 3M...
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    Project reForged

    So with the car now moving into my garage, I began work on the interior. I had seen the rear subwoofer installation that DSE did to Dale Jr's car and decided I had to have that. We cut out the rear package tray and reinforced it with 1/2 inch tubing and installed a JL W10 sub. I also...
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    Project reForged

    I am fortunate to have a supportive family. So when the time came for engine installation , my wife, daughter, and her friend all helped; I was very pleased with the progress at this point, and the car moved to the garage.
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    Project reForged

    In the meantime I was also working on the engine. I was able to salvage the 327 from the 1967, the bottom end got freshened with new rings and bearings and a fresh hone, new timing chain and Jeg's cam. For the cylinder heads I was getting crazy pricing to surface, 3 angle valve job, and new...
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    Project reForged

    So after finishing the small amount of bodywork, the car was primered with epoxy primer and the blocking began; Followed by a topcoat of primer; then a coat or two of white sealer; and finish off with single stage MSU-26 white; Not too shabby for the side of the house paint job!
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    About to buy tubular upper control arms...

    I went with PTFB uppers with the tall ball joint and the delrin lowers, Keith Smith at Customworks performance has a really trick coil over setup that you might consider, and I would change the motor mounts to solid lowers and then solid left motor mount and a poly or rubber right mount. That...
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    Project reForged

    I have to say being on this site certainly inspired me. I will never cease to be amazed at the rust issues on cars from the rest of the country. I do not get why more people don't come and buy rust free California cars. I paid $700 for this rolling shell on Craigslist, and had almost no rust...

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