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  1. ReorangeCamaro

    Trunk stripes??

    I remember it taking along time to measure and tape (and retape). I used 1/4" vinyl tape from 3M and it worked great. Are you dropping the stripes off the trunk or leaving a 1/4" gap on the bottom of the spoiler (like the 1970 diagram)? I personally like the 1/4" gap from the bottom of the rear...
  2. ReorangeCamaro

    exhaust headers

    Oh yeah I have a 1980 automatic, no air conditioning.
  3. ReorangeCamaro

    exhaust headers

    For Headers, what name brands or part little modification. But it shouldn't be necessary to do anything major. Anyways... I especially worry when considering something off of Craigslist or a swap meet. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. ReorangeCamaro

    Blown 79 Z28 Camaro Make it Better Project

    In my opinion the gaps look good. I think my gaps look the same. Was the Iola Car show (July 6-8th) your original goal to have it all done? Looks like the Camaro's 50th anniversary is it's main feature! They'll have the first Camaro there too (with vin number ending in N100001). We go every...
  5. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    Well... the lines are replaced with no leaks! You can get your hand up into this area to thread if your car is on jack stands. But it is very tough. Here's what I did: 1. Put the car up on jack stands. 2. Bent the hard lines to a near perfect match to the old ones. Note: I had to bend the lines...
  6. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    Great advise! I'd just feel a bit better using Permatex where the fitting meets the aluminum housing. Maybe the red on this fitting was some kind of Permatex originally. Or maybe it's dried out transmission fluid. Anyways... I have a plan. Thanks Again to you all!
  7. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    O.K. I don't know why there was Teflon on it in the first place. I will definitely use some kind of thread sealer. Thanks!
  8. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    I'll definitely do it this way. I do want both lines replaced. And this method will give me that extra needed room. Thanks!
  9. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    I did end up cutting the line. I then used a deep socket 11/16" to remove the entire nut (fitting) assembly (pictured below). The 1/2" line fitting was rusted so bad that the crows foot flare wrench didn't do the trick (even with penetrating oil over several days). I am now in the process of...
  10. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    All great ideas! I need to replace the lines for sure. I've only put a temporary fix in place using a compression fitting into the old rusty line. See the picture below. I may be on the look out for a 1/2" flare crow wrench like the one pictured below. I also like the idea of a 2 foot extension...
  11. ReorangeCamaro

    Transmission Cooling Line Replacement

    Does anyone have a trick at accessing the nut on the transmission cooling lines? I'd like to replace these 5/16" lines but having difficulty gaining access. I'm really hoping I can get down in there with some kind of wrench from above or below... but It seems impossible. If you've ever changed...
  12. ReorangeCamaro

    What is the best Radiator to use for a 1980 Camaro?

    What is the best Radiator to use for a 1980 Camaro (Stock 305 engine)? I'm seeing many after market radiators. Some are aluminum, others say brass & copper. Some say they have 2 levels where others say 3 or 4 levels. Also, will it matter if I plan to upgrade to a 350 someday? Or are these...
  13. ReorangeCamaro

    Vincent's 72. "EL Maro"

    Wow. Just read your whole thread. Things are shaping up nicely. Your progress is exceptional. That's a very nice car. Just curious if you're replacing it with stripes or leaving it without? Also...I was on the fence with my car as to whether to go with a red orange (hugger orange very close to...
  14. ReorangeCamaro

    Project 8-Oh

  15. ReorangeCamaro

    Project 8-Oh

  16. ReorangeCamaro

    Project 8-Oh

    [/URL][/IMG] I'm getting cabin fever! As the temperature climbs up to 49f today....oh how I want to take the Camaro out for a rip around the block! If it weren't for the salt on the roads still...I would. Would you?
  17. ReorangeCamaro

    LED Cluster Lights - Conversion Question?

    Ok. Thanks! and Thanks!
  18. ReorangeCamaro

    Tachometer Tester

    Very cool!!! I think I can get it from your schematic. But do you have a picture of the resistor? Is the resistor in the Tupperware container? How about a picture of the back of the tach?

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