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    WTB 70 parts

    Mike, thanks for the message, I've aquired a couple lower dash sections. As to the rear view mirror, I was looking for the two piece stem original. I have a stainless repop on windshield for now.
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    WTB 70 drivers door

    With time a issue, I decided to proceed with a new door. Thank you
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    WTB 70 drivers door

    Looking for a decent 70 drivers door. Hopefully someone has one in WI., Eastern MN., or northern ILL.? Im in southeastern WI., and hoping to be able to pick up asap? Thanks
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    1970 Z-28 bucket seats

    I have recently acquired a second set of original black standard bucket seats. The seats that came with my Z-28 have chrome covers over the head rest adjuster. The seats I just acquired have black covers, that came out of a SS big block car. The Z is a O4C build out of Norwood. I'm assuming the...
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    WTB 1970 black vinyl piece between back seat bottoms

    Does anyone have this item they would be willing to part with? Or info on where I could find one? Thanks
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    WTB 70 parts

    I recently aquired a few items from Rich, the dash, a temporary rear view, and other items. I"ll keep lookin for a 70 two piece rear view and the vinyl top 3 piece trim.
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    WTB 70 parts

    Looking for the radio bezel section of the dash, interior rear view mirror, and the chrome trim for a vinyl top. Anybody that would be able to spare one or all of these items, it would be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a partially disassembled 70 Z and a few items are missing or altered.

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