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  1. supwicha

    Factory AC System Restoration

    I'll keep this short. Assuming you intend to keep the car, go with R134 otherwise you'll be dealing with R12 issues later, as well as short supply. Change all hoses with those rated for R134 (barrier type), change the drier, if equipped with a poa, switch to an orifice tube. A rebuilt...
  2. supwicha

    Besides brakes, what could cause a car to go right when braking?

    I recently worked on a Tahoe with the same problem. A collapsed brake hose was the cause. I'd be curious as to the front brake temperatures. If you're confident that the problem is not brake related, a seriously worn suspension component is likely the cause. Control arm bushings, ball joints...
  3. supwicha

    Locking front brakes.

    99.99% chance the problem is going to be the pin length is too long (assuming the booster is the correct application). With the pin not fully releasing, it is holding a small amount of of residual brake pressure. With each subsequent brake application, this pressure increases to the point of...
  4. supwicha

    78' Camaro LT1 Conversion Cali Smog Legal

    Thanks much for you feedback :-)
  5. supwicha

    Slightly high LP AC reading

    I'm sorry, but this is not correct advice. While the manufacture does charge by weight, this is because they have already determined the proper pressures for a given factory ambient temperature through testing and/or engineering calculations. Once the OEM has made this determination, for the...
  6. supwicha

    Slightly high LP AC reading

    The purpose of this long post is to help you not spin your wheels, and spend money on an improperly tuned system. If you are reading this and are a real AC tech, this will be a boring read for you. No, no, no people :) The gauges do NOT represent temperatures. While I understand the gauges...
  7. supwicha

    A/C-Conversion R12-R413a-R437a-R134a

    A couple things, I have years of A/C experience: 1) R12 and R134 will not be charged ounce per ounce the same, so do not expect to charge per volume. The technician much charge the system based on pressures based on outside ambient temperatures. R134a properties are such that the pressures...
  8. supwicha

    '94 Firebird LT1 into '78 Camaro project back on

    Tom, Regrettably it's just downright expensive. I have paint experience, but did not really want to do the paint on mine. I went to a few shops to get estimates here in so-cal, I wanted the clip removed with doors, paint jams, reassemble and square up the nose, and do a quality paint job...
  9. supwicha

    78' Camaro LT1 Conversion Cali Smog Legal

    I was hoping to see you pop up around here again. I've been buying interior parts (carpet, sill plates, console door/pad, etc), also got the front sway bar (rear was already installed). I'm now in the process of pricing paint materials, have been puting away some extra cash and have enough I...
  10. supwicha

    To cut the dash or not to cut the dash. That IS the question.

    You can always buy that section of the dash and keep it on hand if you ever want to go back to original style mounting. They are regularly on ebay and available brand new. If you consider that route, I wouldn't wait 10 years to buy the replacement, no guarantees it will be as easy to acquire...
  11. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    Much better. I'm glad you asked this question. Running the crankcase in a constant state of high vacuum can cause several issues. It can cause seal failure, oil consumption, draw in external contaminants like water/moisture, as to a degree effects piston travel. Back in the day, hot rod...
  12. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    You photos show the brake booster vacuum circuit, not the PCV circuit from what I can see. I'm looking for a hose connection that goes from the intake to the PCV either at the valve cover or the other entry to the block. Do you have that?
  13. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    That appears to be the coolant hose for the TB heat, not vacuum.
  14. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    Hmmm, with the oil cap off, does it idle higher than normal? How is your PCV system set up?
  15. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    Yes, a leaking intake valve would most likley have other symptoms and driveability issues which is why it's last. Another test, with the engine running, remove your oil cap, and shut down the engine. I'm curious if your block is vacuum balanced or in a vacuum. The oil cap being removed would...
  16. supwicha

    78' Camaro LT1 Conversion Cali Smog Legal

    Thank you kindly :-)
  17. supwicha

    LT1 won't start

    Is this a new conversion? Not knowing if this a first attempt to make it run or not, I'll assume that it is: Does your computer have the anti-theft still present? Most of the LT1 PCM's will require that you update the calibration in the PCM to program out the anti theft (passkey system). A...
  18. supwicha

    Hissing sound after turning engine off

    Couple things come to mind. Bad check valve on your brake vacuum booster. Incorrect PCV system setup (block goes into a vacuum then vents after shut down due to vacuum source with no corresponding ventilation), IAC pintle opening during shutdown (if equipped), or TAC opening during shut down...
  19. supwicha

    78' Camaro LT1 Conversion Cali Smog Legal

    Time to get cracking again. I ordered new carpet, sill plates, Belltech swaybar, lower grill, all weatherstripping, and some other miscellaneous parts to keep me busy for a bit. I'm getting ready to buy paint and other materials and here we are years later, still cant decide on a color. . .
  20. supwicha

    78' Camaro LT1 Conversion Cali Smog Legal

    Thank you kindly, sorry for the late reply.

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