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    C Clip Eliminators Going Back

    I've inherited a GM 10 bolt with a 5.56:1 gear, a locker and C clip eliminators. For a 10, a pretty stout rear end, however I plan on changing the gears out to something more streetable like a 3.73:1. My question is, once the C Clip eliminators are installed, can you go back? And can I use a...
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    Best Replacement Pans

    I've wanted to know the same thing. I posted a thread yesterday about same thing.
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    Full floor pans

    Has anyone used the full length floor pans for 1975-1981 second gens offered at classic industries? These are the ones from toe boards to just forward of the back seats. Just wondering about the fit. My toe boards are rusted thru and need to change them out. I feel that the full pans may be a...
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    Rocker Panel Woes

    So I started stripping paint from the driver's rocker panel and came across some corrosion. Since I'm new to the body and fender world, I'm not sure how to handle it. Do I replace it or can stop it with some type of chemical? Need help.
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    blazer/s10 rear disc

    That's ok, the rear's got 456 gears and that will not work for me on the street. So I'm pretty sure those things are gone anyway.
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    blazer/s10 rear disc

    I haven't seen this addressed yet. Will the conversion work with "C" clip eliminators?
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    My 1975 Camaro Project

    Plans are an air conditioned (hot in the south) daily driver. I've a '98 L31 383 cid to install and looking for a 4 speed auto to replace the TH400 that came with it. I would like it to be fuel injected, all depends on the money situation when the time comes. Not sure what color I want yet...
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    My 1975 Camaro Project

    I searched low and high for a car that I can do a full restoration on. I found one on eBay in Boston and had it shipped to Oklahoma. I knew it would need work when I got it, but once I got it apart, there was much more work to be done. I want a clean firewall and a rust free underside...
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    pics of 2 inch drop springs with 18 inch wheels

    Is that with stock springs? Did you tub the rears? I need to know what is the largest tire and wheel combo I can get in the stock fenders and suspension.
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    76 Big bumper well underway

    I saw what you did to your bumpers, definitely looks good. I was thinking about welding thin piece sheet metal then grinding it smooth and painting it after that. Has anyone tried this? How did it come out? I'm about two years from doing my '75, but I'm always looking for ideas.
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    Firewall Resto

    How do I insert pictures?
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    Firewall Resto

    Ok, I may have jumped the gun a bit, you guys sure did get a hurt quickly. So I checked Doublec's build, I saw the firewall. Looks really good. BTW nice ride. What made you decide to do the whole thing? Did you cut out everything or just lay the new metal over the top? How did the...
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    Firewall Resto

    Really nobody knows anything! Thanks for all the help
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    Fire Wall Question

    What is the difference between a replacement firewall for a 1973 Camaro and the 1975 firewall? The replacement firewall for the 70-73 looks the same as my 75. There are not any replacements available for the 1975, however the 70-73 look the same. So, does any one know what is the difference?
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    Firewall Resto

    I'm in the middle of the restoration of my 1975 Camaro, trying to repair and smooth out the firewall. I purchased this car from a hack that tried to make it into a street/strip car, but did nothing more than make it harder on the next guy. That next guy is me. As you can see by the "before"...

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