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    Iron Vortec head info on YouTube

    Beehive springs +.050 locks and +.050 retainers worked for me.
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    Temperature Sending Unit

    SMP TS-76 , works
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    Real 1980 Z28?

    The lower grill is the z28 style , just flats running across horizontal , no vertical. Also blackout turn signal
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    4x OE disc brakes upgrade

    IMO you are giving up braking power with the percentage split you have. disc/ disc proportioning valve are closer to 50/50. This might help explain some issues...
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    4x OE disc brakes upgrade

    Proportioning valve?
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    Vortec Cylinder Heads: The Definitive Guide

    Looking at the picture , are your rocker arms? a vortec head guided style? Do you know what brand? Thanks
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    79 Z-28 5.7 still overheating issues with alum radiator/electric fans Try this kit , easy to install works good. l would drain what antifreeze l can, then instead of cutting hose l use a short spare piece of heater hose , attach garden hose and run till water is clear. Pulling plugs on side of block helps...
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    Vacuum advance maxed out at idle? On the link, you can see what your distributor spec were and adjust to your liking Having install vortec heads on an 1980 Z , l bumped my initial timing to 10 degrees before with 22 degrees curve in the distributor all in by 1500 rpm. the...
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    Vacuum advance maxed out at idle?

    That is way too much advance at idle .
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    Grampa Dave's Chili . . .

    Chili is one of my favorite food, this recipe is close to how l make it. l have found that after getting everything mixed up and cooking. l put my pot of chili in the oven for the rest of the cooking it need. Never burns on the bottom of the pot l set my oven for 350 degrees, cooking for one to...
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    I always used a moroso 26200 distributor hold down clamp on my stockcar never had a problem with timing moving
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    Air Induction on 1980 Z28

    Here is the switch part number,TH400 Kickdown Switch 1242101 you can find them on ebay for under 20 buck
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    N90 aluminum wheels advertised but those on car are not N90
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    Body mounts

    Twisted What brand connectors did you use?
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    Vortec intake + Q-jet setup question

    I used MS98000T on my vortec build. They were recommended on here by quite a few people. The gasket are at least five years old with no problem. When l bought the gasket set, it came with only one valve cover gasket, now has two valve cover gasket.
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    Well, the Ebay tax is real.

    If you have parts that are year specific , like 1970 floor mounted gas pedal and sell for profit, list it as long term capital gain, it will be taxed at a lower rate because you have owned it over a year. Tom3 examples , could be listed as long term capital losses.
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    Carburetor CFM

    I don't understand why you would try to tune on the ported side of carb? Usually tuning with vacuum gauge you use manifold vacuum.
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    Brake Booster Purchases

    Do you have the part number for the booster? Thanks
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    Vacuum advance - which one?

    Here is some good reading for ya , this guy Lars is, wait for it , legendary. Lol

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