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  1. Aceshigh

    RIP Robin Williams.

    I just watched Angriest Man in Brooklyn......which I thought sucked so bad I couldn't finish it. Even had Mila Kunis in it.....
  2. Aceshigh

    RIP Robin Williams.

    Quite often people develop or amplify their personalities or talents from additional things like drugs or alcohol. Cocaine was always referred to as "The personality amplifier" for a reason. Alot of people might not realize this but Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and many other famous actors from the...
  3. Aceshigh

    Why no shopping carts at parts store?

    What is the world coming to..... Exactly. I park waaaaay away from the retards at grocery stores or Target. Lazy bastards too self centered to put their carts away.
  4. Aceshigh

    RIP Robin Williams.

    This was my favorite all time stand up comedian. The man had more talent in Improv's then I've ever seen before in any other comedian. It's a shame he battled alcoholism so long trying to steer clear of it and it takes it's toll on your mental stability. Alot of women like Dane Cook but I...
  5. Aceshigh

    Got new ride

    If I was going to own a Chrysler car, this new 300 would be the one I'd choose. The new 300's are absolutely large, & stunning. John Varvatos editions all loaded up are gorgeous. They have nice rims, triple black paint, special gauges, special Nappa leather, etc. I like them waaay better...
  6. Aceshigh

    PC speaker sugestions?

    If you have a Fry's Electronics, that's the best place to shop IMHO. If you don't, Best Buy. Go in person, and just grab whatever sounds good. I prefer to listen to speakers in person for sound checks. Another option if you're on a budget, is to troll Craigslist to see what people are...
  7. Aceshigh

    1970 Nova SS L78 ??? Value

    ~$15,000-$21,000 since it's not an OEM drivetrain, it will not pull in what a fully legit L78 would.
  8. Aceshigh

    PC speaker sugestions? Amazon's best seller. Highly rated too. No personal experience to offer with it. Small speakers do not give you very good sound without a...
  9. Aceshigh

    This is a really cool story

    Except the female drama. :crazy: I swear the craziest women my cousins and I have dated were Italian women. Gorgeous in most cases, but holy prepared. It's no wonder the mob started Unionizing and whackin people. Venting their home frustrations out.
  10. Aceshigh

    What do you guys do for work?

    Matt, nice paint job on the GTO. Looks very nice. Finding jobs for the ejected meat in concrete ??? :D
  11. Aceshigh

    Man cave getting there'

    Oh wow, I misunderstood the console part for large TV That's an interesting idea for sure, the problem is Those things eat up so much space for such a small screen but they do look kinda cool for a room designed with some nostalgia in mind. :D Personally......I picked...
  12. Aceshigh

    Acer c720 chromebook.

    Awesome deal! I need to get one of these because Tablets annoy the sh** out of me. I hate touchscreen typing and editing, and I'm notorious for typing too fast and having to go back and edit after proofreading. I need a keyboard and these are great web surfing assets VS tablets.
  13. Aceshigh

    Cheap 1" Nylon Tie Downs

    Yeah those I will only use for something small to stabilize inside my bed. I picked up a nice set of Strap On's @ Costco for $20.
  14. Aceshigh

    Noooo. bought a ford.

    ^ Stepsides I dig big time. Ford or Chevy are both cool.
  15. Aceshigh

    Man cave getting there'

    If its an HDTV, cooler to fix it!!! Less then $50....for the IC's and fuses
  16. Aceshigh

    Football (pre)season has begun

  17. Aceshigh

    This really pisses me off almost every day

    Holy pooe that made me laugh!!!
  18. Aceshigh

    Thule rooftop carrier

    Its going to hurt mpgs by a noticeable margin from what I read. Larger and wider affects it more then narrow and streamlined. Obviously 70-75 also hurts mpgs all by itself. So the faster you go, the more wind resistance Wifes Accord rated for 36mpg highway. I got 32-33mpg going 75-80mph When I...
  19. Aceshigh

    I had a guy come in the shop and drop some knowledge on me. That amused me.
  20. Aceshigh

    whats the best deal on a new pc now?? is what hhott meant, old site for deals I gave him

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