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  1. grzewnicki

    New full bumper finally!

    Nice! Never understood the appeal of the RS bumperettes on a car that wasn't made for them.
  2. grzewnicki

    Interior Replacement Parts

    I just bought Steele Rubber Products weatherstripping for my car and it fits nicely. Was only hard to shut door when window was fully up (due to where door and upper strips meet each other at belt line at rear end of door) but after a few days leaving it shut it is slowly getting easier to close...
  3. grzewnicki

    Digital Dakota Tank Ground

    Ground wire usually runs from top of tank to rear end of tank, right close to where the tank straps attach to body. No way is the gauge going to work without it being grounded.
  4. grzewnicki

    What Tree Is This?

    Fat literd? Pretty sure it is fat lighter. I have a bunch my neighbor gave me, wife accidently put a chunk I had on back patio to split up into kindling size on the fire one day. Pretty sure that is what clogged up the screen on my chimney cap. People don't realize turpentine is made from pine...
  5. grzewnicki

    Do i need a bronze gear for my distributor

    Went to Summit and looked up your cam number, down below in the questions area found this answer from Melling about what type of dist gear/fuel pump pushrod is required: Melling Tech Support · 3 years ago Francisco, Thanks for the question, This is a cast iron cam shaft so you will want to...
  6. grzewnicki

    1972 camaro door panels on 1970/1971?

    They should be exactly the same. I haven't found any use for the map pockets other than a place to collect dirt/dust. I'm done with the early style and am installing 1978-81 1 piece door panels with 69 Mustang arm rests/pulls, which of course are smooth and seamless. Now those fasteners are not...
  7. grzewnicki

    Anyone Converted Their Washer Pump to Electric?

    I had two of this style sitting around from when I worked on Iveco trucks in 1980, mounted it to the fender next to my stock 72 w/s washer reservoir. I should have tucked in inside the wheel well more to hide it, oh well nother project to do someday, of course I'll have to lengthen the wires to...
  8. grzewnicki

    engine install

    I've always been a bare minimum kinda guy, even with core support/front sheet metal off, I had nothing on it accessory wise. I would rather have an easy time dropping the engine in than fight it if something is in the way. I did put fuel pump on and put bolt in from back on engine mount. In 45...
  9. grzewnicki

    Need Door Panel help!!!

    I just went through something similar putting 78 panels on a 72 door. Don't know why your holes for bottom fasteners are missing but you can drill the skin, I think a bit around .265" works for the plastic fasteners, test drill a scrap piece of sheet metal and try a fastener to make sure it fits...
  10. grzewnicki

    78-81 1 piece door panel install on 1972.

    The weird thing was back in 2013, on my replacement center panel for my original 3 piece door panels some of the fasteners didn't line up, I ended up enlarging the clip holes on the panel to get them aligned, I think they were PUI Brand. I read one other post about someone doing the 1 piece door...
  11. grzewnicki

    starter question

    one off Amazon, so far very happy with it, good price $79: . This is staggered bolt for 168 tooth flywheel. Tons of room around my Hedman header and came with new bolts.
  12. grzewnicki

    thought on body color headlight bezels?

    At first I was "that looks good" then damn COPO had to point out his feelings, and I saw that point too. I would like to see the part chrome/part painted or black in the back and orange up front. This was my 73 back in 1981, at that time I liked the black out look, then I tried it on my 72 when...
  13. grzewnicki

    Kent Moore Window Gauge Blocks

    Helps you get window squared up to opening properly, you are supposed to sit in the car and make adjustments to get glass touching all the gauge blocks. Pretty well laid out in the Fisher body manual. I just got doing my driver side without them (just ordered them last night). Took about 2 hours...
  14. grzewnicki

    Kent Moore Window Gauge Blocks

    Anyone who is looking to pick up a set of these, available here:
  15. grzewnicki

    It's February

    Hmmm ***dressed in shorts and a T shirt***....adjusts thermostat on A/C to 77! Nice and toasty here 81, and me, well I'm out sorting firewood, need a couple more cold days to burn some of the crappy stuff I got. Used about 2 -2.5 bins (18" x 4' x 8') so far this year. I feel for you guys, I was...
  16. grzewnicki

    78-81 1 piece door panel install on 1972.

    Yes, I was constantly anchoring the door panel in place using the door handle cup while I was marking where holes needed to go. I have had that panel off and on so many darn times! Like I said, I had elongate some of the metal clip holes in the 3 piece vinyl covered panel to get them to go into...
  17. grzewnicki

    78-81 1 piece door panel install on 1972.

    I thought this was going to be pretty easy, but turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Figuring out where to position the arm rests was a bear. 1. it has to be close to originals height and 2. the pull section of the arm rest needs to be positioned fore and aft correctly to give you the...
  18. grzewnicki

    78-81 1 piece door panel install on 1972.

    Never cared for the plastic map pocket bottom, like to smooth look of the later panels. I am also using 1969 Mustang arm rests. So first problem.... has anyone else run into this issue with clips on door panels not aligning with holes in door? Now I am installing 78-81 1 piece door panels but...
  19. grzewnicki

    454 Vega with stock hood

    There was a Cosworth Vega sitting in my neighborhood last year...never got to ask the guy what he was gonna do with it before he passed away. Friend had one that he road rally raced circa 1979-80. I had one I bought for $50 from Goldy, guy that ran a speed shop in my hometown. Went through...
  20. grzewnicki

    home AC repair replace?

    My friend owns an A/C company here in Jax and recommended the York system, 10 yar warranty on everything. Had a 24 year old Trane, in great shape, thought I'll save some money in a/c costs. Got the 2 stage system, have not really seen a huge diff in our bill, but we keep a/c at 78 and don't run...

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