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    How many bulbs go behind the dash panel, cant see my speedo or any other gages in the dash panel! Thanks in advance. and do you know the numbers to order? I would like to get the LEDS.and where is the best place to get them at?
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    rear sway bar for 70 z28

    any info to find the forum will be great!
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    Hey Guys Got A Question On My Package Tray For Mounting A Pair Of 6x9 Speakers! Did They Come With Grills In Them Or Was The Tray Perferated From The Factory? And If Theyget Grills Where Can I Buy A Set? There For A 70 Z28 Thanks In Advance. Renny PS LOOKING FOR THE ORIGINAL ONES IF POSSIBLE
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    Window Crank Spacers

    Looking for the spacers that go behind the window cranks for my 70 Z28 RS. I have Deluxe Interior. Looking for over three yrs. and still cant find them HELP!!!!!!
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    70 z28 floor mats

    wondering if anyone knows where i can get front floor mats for my 70 z28 that will fit around the floor mounted gas pedal. Thanks in advance.
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    I have the original head liner in my car and its in really good shape but iam wondering the best way to clean it, its showing 42yrs of dirt and dust! Has anyone cleaned these up with any luck? Thanks in advance.
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    1970 12 Bolt

    anyone interested in parts for a 70 12 bolt? I have axles,Eaton posi unit,331 gears,pinion joke. All original parts! casting #s are cov0521G2 and E396341NF If your interested let me know.
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    Anyone have 17x8, 275x50 on the back of there car? I would like to see a few pics before i put the money out if they dont fit inside the wheel well! I was going with a 4.75 BS. Any help will be great. Thanks!!!!!!
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    steering wheel kit POR15????

    Has anyone used the por15 steering wheel kit, and how did you like it if so? Thanks, Renny
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    Berlwood insert in shroud? HELP ME OUT!

    What can i do to replace the burlwood in my shroud? any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance.
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    Cragar Ss Wheels

    Post pics of your Cragar SS, want to see what size you guys are running front and back!:cool:
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    5 Speed Tranny?

    Looking for any info on what you guys think is the best 5 speed. Iam looking for a street and strip, one that will hold up well when shifting hard!
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    New or keep looking!

    Iam looking for a console for my 70 RS Z28. USED ONES ARE AS MUCH AS A NEW ONE! Should i keep looking or just buy new?:crazy:
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    1970 RS Z28 Steering wheel

    Are the 70 steering wheels a one year only or is the Shroud a one year only item? :bowtie:
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    1970 Rs Z28

    Looking for any info i can get on what a RS Z28 should have on it as far as the RS emblems, where are they at? was told the only emblem would be in the steering wheel. Is that correct? Iam a new member here and any info would be great! Thanks, Renny