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    Original 1971 Z28 Camaro Disc/Drum Proportioning valve with bracket and muffler hangers

    it might be better on you to seen your info on privit massanger,maybe
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    I have a 400 SBC just put in machine shop . Going to need new pistons, .030 over, what will be a cheap , decent, dish piston ,for a street motor,never see over 5500 rpm with Vortec heads , Got a set of used flat tops but afraid to use them because compression be to high, i think, with the vortec...
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    No Taillights

    the switch has to be grnd under dash at wiper switch, most likely that gr. did not come with new wireing. then a gnd. at passanger side at front side marker lite. at passenger side rear tail lites, all flasher lites or seperate wires ,,,maby
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    400 cu" crank?

    Was trying to get some idia on why this crank may have been balanced in side, everything else seen std . for a 400 + 030 over maybe good to go, but if I decide to go with or with out this crank all will be going to machine shop. Some body spent a lot of money on this build. I got about $150 in...
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    400 cu" crank?

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    400 cu" crank?

    am starting this again cause something went wrong with the way i posted the last one............... I have a 400 crank by part #, std rods and main bearings. (Seems) to have been inturnuly balanced. Has holes drilled in it like a 350 would have but then filled with something looks like lead...
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    what to do with a 400 sb ?

    no danage to block as to seeing with eyes still see hone 0r bore marks, was wondering what kind of shop could tell me if crank was worth trying to get balancer and flex [plate to match the crank or can i just buy 350 balancer and flex plate how can some one see,tell how or what i have.? it...
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    what to do with a 400 sb ?

    I did some trading ,ended up with a 400 cu in. block .030 over flat tops vortec heads with 2.02-1.60 valves, roller rockers,stanless valves. Suposely ran for a few hrs, he Said it was in a mud truck they said it must have got water in it ,? , sounded allfull they pulled it and let it set,,,,in...
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    700R4 drive shaft length 79Z

    I used a blazer drive shift from a 2 wheel 2 door, Had to change the rear u jont and i cut off the counter weight at front. on a 74 700r with 10 bolt rear
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    What headers do you recommend?

    Be looking for your feed back, thanks
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    Front end alignment?

    My son took 74 Camaro for alinement yesterday. Did not go well, the man was nice and worked hard for hrs on it and finley gave up , and did not charge hem. The car is what we think is all stock as we put all new springs and all parts bushing , steering parts in, we are at a lost of what we have...
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    Good Guys - Nashville

    Got to see your car their, nice
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    Seals,Inter valve spring ?

    thanks for the replys, heads look good,but looks don't count when i found all this damage under the springs. seal massed up and inter springs broke. now i need to know what the seat pressure is with the one's that are on there. they look new? I tighten the spring from 1.700 height down to 1.200...
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    Seals,Inter valve spring ?

    The heads also has full roller. Rockers.
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    Best Headers

    Thanks, did a search, was a lot, most were very old, like me,Am lazy, get tired of looking , don't t get on hear much any more , thanks
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    Seals,Inter valve spring ?

    Used 906 heads I got ,have screw in studs ,value guides, 2.02 - 1. 60 valves, have positive seals on all valves. When I took apart all the Inter Springs were broke off the same at ends, bottom.about a 1/2," I know nothen about the motor other than it was off a 400cu" mud truck.Buy looking at...
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    Best Headers

    Been asked a lot i know, I just can't t seem to find any thing on hear any more .We got a 74 z with AC, Am putting in a 400cu" in with 400 tranny. Need to know what brand, witch one , biggest, maybe stainless, cheapest. For street,,, Long Headers that fit the best. Thanks for any input ahead of...
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    New tranny or rearend?

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    New tranny or rearend?

    Are you saying
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    Stripped Motor Mount bolt hole

    Old cheap fix, maybe,,,Just warsh,clean it oil out and sharpen the end of bolt a little, pack the bolt hole with steel wool as you put the bolt in with out Motor Mont, do this a few times with more and more steel wool until the bolt will screw down and hold the right tq, if it works then put a...