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  1. motionwannabe

    Clay's 70 Re-Progress Thread

    Looking good Clay!
  2. motionwannabe

    2017 Camaro Nationals - June 23 - 24, 2017

    My wife's 79 Rally Sport is going to be on display at Carlisle for the Sweet Thunder Chambered Exhaust company. We might drive over and say Hello and meet everyone!
  3. motionwannabe

    It's been such a long time . . .

    This sucks!! Brent was a great guy. Better than most anyone you'd meet. He and I used to talk quite a bit here. He was only about 45mins to and hour from where I live. I promised him if I ever sold my paint booth he'd have first dibs. So sad!! R.I.P.Brent.
  4. motionwannabe

    Let's do the time warp again!

    It was worse that Eh! It was poo! That thing playing Frank n Furter was an atrocity. That movie is supposed to be a fun movie. It was hard to watch.
  5. motionwannabe

    74-77 Camaro Parts

    I recently bought and stripped a 76 Type LT. I have a bunch of nice parts. Car was complete so If you have any needs message me here or [email protected] I also have 70-73 and 78-81 parts
  6. motionwannabe

    Head count for owner's in south western PA

    I'm from Somerset County!
  7. motionwannabe

    77 rally sport with motion stripes

    I'll get it up to the Speedway next week.
  8. motionwannabe

    1979 Rally Sport I got for my wife

    Thanks Laine!!:bowtie: