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  1. Fawn

    Happy to see some familiar names

    OMG that's hilarious. I am glad I missed out on the COVID stuff. We are a highly impacted family still thanks to me being very high risk. It's probably best that I missed whatever ensued during that time. I have been stuck working from home since 3/3/2020 and doctors just put me out another...
  2. Fawn

    Happy to see some familiar names

    I did! You are great folks! Gosh I wish I could remember exactly what parts I did buy. I miss going out there for Camaro Nationals every year. Families are expensive.
  3. Fawn

    Happy to see some familiar names

    OH WOW, You remember??!!! Yes I did have a 2005 Magnum RT. I sold it at 160,000 miles and dang it I have regretted it ever since. I loved that car. It was just getting too expensive to keep repairing and too low in the back to wrestle the baby in and out all the time. I traded it in for a...
  4. Fawn

    Happy to see some familiar names

    It feels strange to be one of the old folks, but it's true. :D I didn't expect to see ANY familiar names still here at all! I have the 73 RS, hubby has a 79 Z. Still have both but I am very unhappy with the current condition of mine.
  5. Fawn

    Happy to see some familiar names

    It sure has been a long while! What did I miss?
  6. Fawn

    looking for good hook up site

    Well I met my husband right here on NastyZ! LOL It was totally an accident though, I hated his guts here on the board for about 8 years and then I met him in person. whoops. He will say it's because he's a magical unicorn. Long story. ;) When I was last single I lived on a rural forest...
  7. Fawn

    looking for good hook up site

    I sure have missed you! :)
  8. Fawn

    Camp Nasty Vs. NastyZ Tent on showfield.

    I wish!!! We need to buy a bigger house and move my Dad in with us this year. Things really got messed up when my Mom died and we're still in recovery mode. I am hoping we can next year.
  9. Fawn

    2016 Camaro Nat's-6 month away

    Shouldn't this be a big deal with lots of posts planning fun stuff by now?
  10. Fawn

    Camp Nasty Vs. NastyZ Tent on showfield.

    Glad to see my job hasn't been taken yet. :)
  11. Fawn

    Help with a Measurement on 75-81 Seat Track

    Try PM'ing Ryan79. If he's got any left I'm sure he'll measure it for you.
  12. Fawn

    The 50th Anniversary Camaro is here!

    Why yes, yes it does!!! I even like the wheels. If they have improved the interior so that woman type peoples can adjust the seats and reach the accessories, I might need to start playing the lottery!
  13. Fawn

    1st Gen diesel

    I wanted to cry and scream NOOoooo... But I actually really enjoyed that vid.
  14. Fawn

    Special Projects Forum Open Now

    Aww man! It's my first day back on the job after a long break!
  15. Fawn

    Anyone heard of a cat just dying in your lap?

    Cardiomyopathy, embolisms and strokes are actually very common in cats, and can cause sudden death at any age. Accidental poisoning rarely causes peaceful sleeping death, it tends to be painful, cause vomiting, drooling, strange behavior, sitting in their water bowl, constant drinking, etc...
  16. Fawn

    What I have been up to

    I <3 U LEO!!! I've really been enjoying the shots you share on FB, even the girlie ones! ;) You give me something to cheer me up late at night when I've got insomnia.
  17. Fawn

    15th Annual Camaro Nationals Frederick, MD 6/21-22/2013

    :( Can't make it again this year. Sick baby and sick mommy time eats up all my paid time off. That and I want to buy a house SOON.
  18. Fawn

    Bad kittens!!!!

    That's a pretty infurating story. Stray is not the same thing as feral. It's highly unlikely that a stray cat's kittens in a dense neighborhood like that are actually feral. I've lived in BFE, people drive out there and dump their cats and dogs all the time. Stupid idiot owners won't pay $40...
  19. Fawn

    Poll: Are there any ladies on Nasty?

    Gee thanks. How do you manage to get around with your foot always wedged in your mouth like that?
  20. Fawn

    14th Annual Cruzin’ to Colby in Everett 26-27th

    I love this show...but since baby was born it always sneaks up on me!! Maybe we can check it out if the weather is good and we're all healthy.