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  1. vegas1974z28


    For the whole car in case anyone is interested
  2. vegas1974z28


    The motor has like 20 passes. The car has a million lol (20yrs worth)
  3. vegas1974z28


    1974 496 bbc loaded 10.30-10.40 11k? I’m done with racing
  4. vegas1974z28

    Didnt know it was that easy

  5. vegas1974z28

    1974 Camaro.

    More and more each day ;)
  6. vegas1974z28

    OMG the MT radial slicks are AWESOME

    I did run ET streets....a long time ago when the car was mostly street, they were good. I didn't have the power I have now though.
  7. vegas1974z28

    Drag Racing Class Questions

    Name of the Father son and holy spirit
  8. vegas1974z28

    Personalized Plates

    I think I'm gonna get this plate on the cutlass that runs on E85
  9. vegas1974z28

    Drag Racing Class Questions

    Hardest thing I have ever done.....Bracket Racing. I love Index Racing
  10. vegas1974z28

    OMG the MT radial slicks are AWESOME

    Run the psi around 17-19. You'll love them.
  11. vegas1974z28

    OMG the MT radial slicks are AWESOME

    Turned my 60' from 1.44-5 to 1.38-9 NO OTHER CHANGES! I was skeptical, these are the real deal!
  12. vegas1974z28

    No more Big Ragu

    Probably taking a cold shower in heaver.
  13. vegas1974z28

    Higher octane fuel

    I hate you! ;)
  14. vegas1974z28

    Help me please

    Welcome, Duane!
  15. vegas1974z28

    New Engine Install

  16. vegas1974z28

    Well Boys and Girls while you are shoveling snow...

    I went racing in Tuscon! Had an absolute blast. 4 days of 1/8 mile racing. Never lost in the 1st round never had to buy back, but didn't win anything. Only had 1 problem, the fuel pump started leaking and had to replace it. There were some serious heavy hitters there. What a great track...
  17. vegas1974z28

    Flexplate and starter

    Thanks, looks like it disappeared? Time for a new one.
  18. vegas1974z28

    Flexplate and starter

    Yup all look like that... Thank you for all your help.
  19. vegas1974z28

    Flexplate and starter

    No chuck it does not kick back when the ignition is off.