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    1979 Z28 Legit Check

    The trim tag looks legit to me and it says Z28 so likely the car is a Z28. 1979 trim tags were bolted to the body with those screws so they look correct too. The original engine might not help even if it were still in the car as the Z28 didn't get a unique engine that year. A Z28 should have the...
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    Need axle id help

    The PH code was used on Camaro and Firebird axles from 1975-81. But, that code identifies it as a 2.56 non-posi which isn't what you have now.
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    Still Winter here

    Yup. Snow is gone now and the temps have been in the upper 80s to around 90. I guess that means Summer is here (if it doesn't decide to snow again :) )
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    70 Camaro Rear End in San Diego (free)

    1970 used the 8.2" 10 bolt, not the 8.5" one. If that diff is the original 1970 one, it will be an 8.2". You can confirm that by looking at the code on it to fully identify it.
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    1979 Clear Windshield Replacement

    Where have you looked for new glass? I would try your local auto glass shops. If a clear glass exists, they might have it on hand or be able to get one in a day or two.
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    Bad U Joint or Degrading Rear End

    I've had dried out U joints make a clicking sound at slow speeds and show no issues when spun up to higher speeds. My way of dealing with it would be to replace the U joints first before tearing into the rear end. U Joints are cheap compared to anything in the diff.
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    Quality Mechanical Fuel Pump

    I've driven old Chevys for 55 years and having as many as 6 of them at a time, I have replaced numerous mechanical fuel pumps on them. I've always purchased the basic auto parts store replacements, and they usually run trouble free for 20 or so years. Fancy stuff like Holley just deplete your...
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    1980 Power windows fusible link?

    If you trace that power wiring diagram back to its source, it shows a circuit breaker for the power windows. The circuit breaker could be your issue if it isn't an auto-resetting breaker.
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    It looks to me that is how they made it.
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    Chronic coolant loss in my 1978 w/350

    Look over the radiator carefully, especially where the core is attached to the end tanks. Sometimes you get small leaks there that boil off as fast as they leak out and you never get a drip.
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    Battery backup

    I've used whatever brand I could find in stores and all of them have performed perfectly until the batteries die after 3-5 years. Then, new batteries fix it for another round. Some of the units experience electronic failures after 3-4 cycles of battery replacement, but with electronics I expect...
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    which flywheel for a GM 350 crate engine

    It should depend on which style engine the crate engine is. Early engines had 2 piece rear main seal and were internally balanced so require a neutral flywheel. Starting in 1986, the engines switched to one piece rear main seal so they couldn't be internally balanced and required a flywheel with...
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    Clutch Chatter on Downshift

    I've heard bad things about poly mounts. I use only rubber ones as they allow things to move more easily without chatter and vibrations.
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    Z28 wheels Hub or Lug centric?

    All GM's old plain Jane steel wheels are hubcentric as far back as I can remember.
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    Camaro lt 77 horn location

    I don't know about '77, but in '80, if the car was equipped with dual horns, the second one was inside the passenger fender. You can try looking there.
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    79 camaro Rear defogger switch wiring

    Which type of defogger is used in '79. Is it the older fan blower style or the later grid on the window type? The grid type is shown here on this '81 diagram. I don't see a diagram for the blower type.
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    Don't steal a Tesla as a getaway vehicle You might get caught while charging it up so it can run.
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    Production numbers

    I wouldn't call it "rare", just "different".
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    Power window problems 1981 z28

    Power windows usually fail to work after enough years. Much of the time, the problem is a broken wire inside the boot where the wires go from the body into the door. Opening and closing the door enough times will bend and break the wires there. Look there before shotgunning any more parts into...
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    Vented gas cap that vents both ways?

    The idea of a one way vent is to protect you from spilling gas under acceleration or if you park facing uphill. It is a good idea.