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  1. Gamma454

    Lap vent fix

    Thanks I gave it a shot. I had some abs board left over from my relay board .
  2. Gamma454

    Lap vent fix

    Anyone repair or ideas on how to mount or fix the tabs? Vent is in good shape otherwise.
  3. Gamma454

    Vent replacement

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Gamma454

    Vent replacement

    Can these be taken out and replaced without breaking it? If so how?
  5. Gamma454

    Interior paint

    W Which one?
  6. Gamma454

    Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?

    i use the area in front of the leaf springs all the time with frame with my qui jack
  7. Gamma454

    Power Steering Pump fitting adapters?

    Im got o ring to inverted flare adapters. So i can use stock 2000 f body pump. Have installed yet but worth a shot.
  8. Gamma454

    79 Z-28 5.7 still overheating issues with alum radiator/electric fans

    Is is a factory A/c fan? Right amount of fins? Is the clutch on fan good? Ive used water wetter to eliminate bubbles.
  9. Gamma454

    Control arm shims

    This car was 100% factory original. But that makes sense . I thought maybe it was how long the bolt sticks out from nut?
  10. Gamma454

    Control arm shims

    Ok thanks but what does box 100 thru 104 mean?
  11. Gamma454

    Control arm shims

    hello, can anyone explain on how to read what shims were in the factory control arms. some fell taking off drivers side.
  12. Gamma454

    Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?

    I just got a quick jack kit as a gift. There are no problems using the blocks under pinch welds along the rocker?
  13. Gamma454

    EFI conversion: the good, the bad and the ugly. looking into this . I dont want fuel starvation. Not sure if i should worry about that LS1 swap
  14. Gamma454

    Trail Blazers SS LS2 Harness?

    I’m just getting the Holley. Has fuel pump, fan control as well
  15. Gamma454

    LS1 swap parts question

    This is with ls3 WP and Stock style rad. Gates 21837 upper(cut for best fit) Gates 20734 lower also a 2005 Silverado 1500 cable
  16. Gamma454

    LS swap kit preference

    This is the one on the trans now
  17. Gamma454

    LS swap kit preference

    What trans dipstick ? I have a ls1, 4l60e drop out with everything from a 2000 Camaro still on it.

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