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  1. BTTB71SS

    Happy Birthday BTTB Rick!!

    Thanks everyone for the B-Day wishes. Yes I haven't been on here to much in the past years. Just trying to get life situated correctly so I can get back to working on the camaro's
  2. BTTB71SS

    Happy Birthday Harry! (green1977)

    Happy Birthday Harry.. ;)
  3. BTTB71SS

    Happy Birthday Keizer

    Happy birthday Doug :)
  4. BTTB71SS

    Happy Birthday Rick (BTTB71ss)

    Harry you stole that pic from Connie's Facebook post lol !!
  5. BTTB71SS

    Happy Birthday Rick (BTTB71ss)

    Yes I will be a grandpa in late May and it will be the first;). No I haven't abandoned the nasty just taking a long break since the $$$ are not in the sights for now to complete the camaros. Getting the grand kid stuff ;)
  6. BTTB71SS


    RIP Masparks...You will not be forgotten. Josh you always have friends on NastyZ28!
  7. BTTB71SS

    1968 Firebird

    Looking Good Rob.. Great Color choice ;)
  8. BTTB71SS

    What does your screenname mean?

    LOL...TMI Mine is Bad To The Bone 71 SS when i get the money together to do it right. Right now it is a corn mower ;)
  9. BTTB71SS

    My Mom went to be with her Lord

    Sorry for your loss.. Prayers sent to you and your family.
  10. BTTB71SS

    Huge News For Me To Share

    Congrats Chris..we will finally see your face ;)
  11. BTTB71SS

    No longer an A-body owner...

    Congrats on the sale John. I know it is is sad to see go but buick is worth it ;)
  12. BTTB71SS

    Quite the Emotional Roller Coaster!!!

    Prayers sent from my family to yours.
  13. BTTB71SS

    I'm Looking for an Allison V-12

    Very sweet and great project other than a camaro... Can't wait for the video of it running ;)
  14. BTTB71SS

    Holy heck...close to home too!

    Still too many fatalities
  15. BTTB71SS

    Was it a good idea to pass on this?

    ^+1... Can't see that being worth $3500 well lets see him fix it up and try to get 12k for that. Probably cost him more than that.
  16. BTTB71SS

    Holy heck...close to home too!

    Prayers out to those people!...
  17. BTTB71SS

    Giving my wife her wedding present today!!!

    ^+1... remember he hasn't been married that long ;)
  18. BTTB71SS

    Twinkie fans: Only two more weeks...

    Oh thought your were talking about our baseball team ;) Which I do not care about ... lol

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