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    My C10 LS swap. Im just not a Camaro guy!

    But what's done to the darn thing LOL I want to know more about the drivetrain so I can replicate it because that thing runs!
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    As ou talk about having to change spark plugs etc now and then.. just like a new car LOL A new car will out last those old ones by a long shot, no if ands or buts about that. I guess you haven't drive a newer camaro, they do all that and then some. It's funny to hear how all of these new...
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    I should clarify that I am comparing them to today's cars. Most of today's cars are faster than the old cars(and they should be)
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    Let's keep them with the same SLR and traction control is a hinderance since power would be limited. They absolutely need better tires(drag radials) or similar since then they won't be limited on power. It's always funny to see how older generations think these olds cars were fast.. when they...
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    I mean.. that's not really bone stock but sure. Let's throw those same headers, slicks, gears, and traction devices on a brand new camaro. It would be in the high 10s.
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    No it wouldn't... Look at the trap speeds of the new cars and "optimize" those. If you want to bench race those with "optimization and scienced out" then we would see it's not even a comparison.
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    My C10 LS swap. Im just not a Camaro guy!

    So what's all done to the engine and trans? I watched the video but didn't hear much about that. Look like a good running set up!
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    Even with full on traction, the old cars still weren't that fast. My wife drives a rav4 prime which can run a high 13. A set of tires will only help that camaro so much... the z28 302s were mid 14 second cars too even with good tires. The 302s were sooooo overrated it's unreal. The LT1 was...
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    I still love when older people tell me how fast these cars used to be "compared to today" and in reality they were about as fast a rav4.
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    My C10 LS swap. Im just not a Camaro guy!

    I wish I could watch the video!(can't watch where I'm at right now) Give us a run down on it! I'm building a 70 c10(likely will go with the 68 front end) I have a built 6.0 and just bought an LSA for her. Hoping to do what you're doing :)
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    1/4 Time Sound Right?

    Honestly, I think that is a pretty repsectable time for a 3/4 ton truck! My dad's old 05 chevy 4x4 crew cab ran 16.3 at like 83 or so time and time again with a 5.3/4l60 bone stock and it was a 1500.
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    Coming into this thread and seeing the statement that was quoted above/base ball bat comments really makes me question some of you. I understand being frustrated, but use a credit card and dispute it with the company... don't let the other crap spill in. I am ashamed to see this thread.
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    A U.S.-made Patriot air defense system was reportedly used to shoot down a Russian hypersonic missile in Ukraine late this week

    That hypersonic missile is definitely exaggerated... just like the rest of the russian army.
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    FYI where to buy wire

    I used this place a few years ago and couldn't find it.. searched it on here and thank you!
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    Brushless Radiator Fans

    I would agree, basically an updated version of the ls1 fans for sure--these will pull more air and can vary speed and have soft start which in itself is the best!
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    Brushless Radiator Fans

    So, I haven't seen this brought up much here, but is anyone using a set of brushless fans? I will be attempting to use 2011-2015 Chevrolet Volt fans on my c10 project and based on just testing them... I might very well order them for my camaro next. These things move A LOT of air. They move a...
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    iBooster retrofit

    I don't have any real world pedal experience yet, but as soon as I do I can let you know. I finished my brake line a couple weekends ago and bled them(somewhat) but ran out of brake fluid. I will initially be running all drum brakes and then switching to disks in the front later on.(not my...
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    New Kitchen Floor - LVT vs Ceramic

    I have LVT in two rooms in my house, both of which are high traffic and have big dogs that play on them. The LVT is pretty hardy stuff. I have a couple of scratches from moving furniture(even though I have felt pads under them) but they are hardly noticable. Mine is the "floating" floor style...
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    Man shot for using a leaf blower

    Not going to lie.. these randomish shootings are getting out of hand... are people really that AFRAID of everything?
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    California guys ?

    How does that have ANYTHING to do with oil based paint in CA? 99 percent of the reason is due to not selling enough conventional and selling mostly synthetic due to being a better oil.

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