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    Camaros Last ride for the year

    neighborhood looks nice and the Z fits right in.
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    Not Hot Women of Hollywood

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    Not Hot Women of Hollywood

    we all banged chicks we thought were hot at one time or another, I`m saying the ones mentioned here may not take notice of us
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    SS emblem or not ...

    I`m not a purist so if you want them on your car then do it
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    Woman pleasuring self with sausage in Walmart

    I`m sorry but that is not a woman in any sense or form
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    Not Hot Women of Hollywood

    while we all may not agree on what`s hot or not, I can almost say with certainy that not one of us has a shot with anyone of these gals. just saying
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    Car Quiz

    43% and I don`t even know half of these cars
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    Might be crossing over to the dark side!

    almost bought a DEMON back in the day, my jealous older brother convinced me not to(bought a BUICK GS instead) if it looks good get it!
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    Friday hottie...

    ^^ and straight into my bed!
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    Dinner and drinks for 30... Groom's Dinner!

    congrats to you and the groom.
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    AP Science Quiz

    90% good enuf 4 me
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    1970 Camaro pics just for fun...

    ^^damn son that car is sweeeeet!^^
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    Men's help line

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    Not mine, but I kinda like it...

    I like it too.
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    Mark's 71 SS

    me likey alot
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    This 68 Camaro is growing on me

    this is more like it:D
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    Went fishing with the wife.

    great catch!
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    Been a bad few weeks...

    my condolences.

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