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  1. Green70Z28

    The End of Ethanol Free fuel at the pumps in Ontario

    Once I switched to non-ethanol in my Toro lawn mowers I didn't have to change the carbs every year. Found it was cheaper to buy a Chinese carb on ebay than to buy a rebuild kit. I am fortunate there is a gas station in town that sells 93 octane non-ethanol. Bought some yesterday at $4.89/gallon.
  2. Green70Z28

    Don't cry.

    I don't think the chemical make up of the river would be affected by the flood of Coors light. Once my testicles dropped I stopped drinking Coors light, but I do like an occasional Blue Moon.
  3. Green70Z28

    here i go with my start to my resto.

    That video had to have been made on April 1. I'm pretty sure Mustang guys know more about the subject than was presented in that video. Unfortunately, many people will watch it and take it as gospel and we will be hearing such nonsense repeated as "fact".
  4. Green70Z28

    Stumbled across an early 2nd gen plus another favourite car of mine in an old tv show

    The best Adam 12 episode was when the younger cop (Reed?) took his partner to the dragstrip. It was a story against street racing and the younger cop had a 67/68 Camaro he raced.
  5. Green70Z28

    Stumbled across an early 2nd gen plus another favourite car of mine in an old tv show

    You want to see some cool cars when they were new watch I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched reruns. Lots of SS Camaros and performance Chevys.
  6. Green70Z28

    Chevelle Lets settle this once and for model year!

    1970 is my vote, but I am biased...
  7. Green70Z28

    1970 Z28 - bringing it back to life

    x77- as you can see from my avatar, I have a green/green with black vinyl top 70. I also have a Daytona Yellow X77 69 . You have good taste.
  8. Green70Z28

    1970 Z28 - bringing it back to life

    The underside looks amazing, especially since it was from Detroit. You are moving right along. I wish my restoration projects moved as fast. Can't wait to see it done.
  9. Green70Z28

    '70 vs '70 1/2

    I had a guy correct me when he asked about my Z28 and i said it was a 70. He said it was a 70 1/2. I tried to explain there was no 70 1/2 model but he just looked at me with this look that I didn't know what year my own car was. Truth was no match for years of misinformed belief.
  10. Green70Z28

    I got scammed by a guy.

    I agree with 76. I don't know the original poster or Daniel. Pictures will definitely help.
  11. Green70Z28

    70's Car Pictures

    I think there was a law that if you owned a cool car in the 70s you had to take a picture with it to renew your license.Here is mine
  12. Green70Z28

    What was this guy thinking? Cat 4 coming I'll just park it in the car port?

    This recently purchased McLaren washed out of a garage.
  13. Green70Z28

    Considering a big purchase Trans Am

    Ram air III parts are expensive and hard to find. I've been looking for the correct carb for a 70 4 speed Judge and the few I found were $4,500 and $7,500. So i started looking for a 70 4 speed GTO carb and those are hard to find. An in person inspection and checking the part numbers on the...
  14. Green70Z28

    Considering a big purchase Trans Am

    I think that makes sense that the grills were different as opposed to the nose. The book Pontiac Trans Am 1969-1973 by John Gunnell says a slightly longer nose was used on 73s but I have never seen a 70-72 and 73 nose side by side to notice any difference.
  15. Green70Z28

    Considering a big purchase Trans Am

    I don't think it has a 73 nose. The 73 nose appears a little longer and the grilles are recessed.
  16. Green70Z28

    Considering a big purchase Trans Am

    I may be biased but I'd buy it. I got my 71 26 years ago and don't regret buying it. Check out the numbers on the block, carb and distributor. The correct carb will cost $$$$ to replace and I believe the distributor is specific to the ram air III auto and manual and is $$$ if you can even find...
  17. Green70Z28

    Mr. In Between

    I loved it. I agree with the Jack and the Beanstalk comment. His example of when violence is justified at anger management was epic. The ending was great.
  18. Green70Z28

    Living in Middle Tennessee is Awesome

    I thought this was going to be about how close we are to so many car events. I agree, some days my backyard looks like a zoo with deer, fox, bobcats, skunk, woodchcucks... no bears yet.

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