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  1. NOT A TA

    Sub frame bushing/ body mounts

    Keep in mind if you consider using the shorter body mount height that you will lose clearance air cleaner to inside of hood, the inner fenders may need to be trimmed so they don't rub the subframe, the radiator fan may hit the shroud, driveshaft angle changes, trans tunnel clearance changes, and...
  2. NOT A TA

    Replacement Trunk Deck Lid...?

    Unless there's been recent changes, an easy way tell what is/isn't an AMD part is that #'s that start with an X are NOT their part.
  3. NOT A TA

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    AFIK there was a mid year change from 1/2" lower control arm bolts to 9/16" during '73 so depending on when your car was made you might not be able to use the 1/2" LCA holes frame without drilling the mounts and drilling the rear mounts is a pain. OR if you have the 1/2" lower control arms you'd...
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    Paint shop jail! Should I bail?

    For production collision shops, especially those considered direct repair, a lot of the importance of moving insurance jobs through has to do with rental car coverage by the insurance companies and how the expense can end up coming out of the shops pocket if the work isn't performed within the...
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    Why do companies do this?

    There's no excuse for it with today's software. I have my inventory tracked in the online store and if a product isn't available to be shipped the software won't allow purchase of the item.
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    SS braided brake lines

    I've had no problems with Goodridge on several cars.
  7. NOT A TA

    SS braided brake lines

    A lot of us use the flexible SS lines to replace the stock rubber ones. The first post you wrote doesn't specify FLEXIBLE and so those reading it might think you were referring to the SS hard lines which don't really offer any performance advantage, just rust prevention and some like the look...
  8. NOT A TA

    Considering a big purchase Trans Am

    My red '70 next to a '73 so you can see the difference in grill setback and grills themselves. The '73' bumper also weighs a bit more due to reinforcement but the outward appearance is the same, they are not longer IIRC.
  9. NOT A TA

    Help ID these GM doors

    I had a '69 Kingswood, no vent windows.
  10. NOT A TA

    Axel brake line @ hose bracket

    Have you considered switching to the bracket that bolts on using one of the rear cover bolts? Would give you more room for exhaust and you'd eliminate the bracket in your pic. Pic below is of a 12 bolt, but 10 bolt is similar, the bracket is just over a little bit. Lines in pic are set up for...
  11. NOT A TA

    LCA from Different Years

    Thanks for the referral Dave! I'm over on the East coast right off I-95 if you ever get over this way and want to drop by. Of course I ship daily also. The 1/2" to 9/16" LCA bolt diameter change was made mid year in '73 so your car was probably built earlier in the run.
  12. NOT A TA

    1980 Trans Am LS/T56 Swap 1st Build

    Nice to start with a chassis with minimal rust! I'll suggest a quick read here and then look at some of the products in the catalog section. All the cool suspension pieces combined with today's tires can put lot more stress on the original sub...
  13. NOT A TA

    Tree Sap Remover

    You'll want to interrupt the life cycle of the aphids that are excreting on your car (or keep cleaning the car). Depending on how quickly you want it to stop and budget that might involve neem oil or insecticidal sprays or something as simple as changing the local environment where they...
  14. NOT A TA

    A/C delete box and blower resistor...

    At one time I removed the under hood Evap suitcase and related AC bits then installed a standard heater box I modified. At the time AC delete boxes weren't a thing yet. In the pic below you can see how I modified the box to mount the resistor etc. Having moved to FL shortly afterward I...
  15. NOT A TA

    Subframe shim?

    I've seen body shops do that when things are off a bit from a collision. Thickest one I've found someone custom made and it was 1/2" thick and also under the cowl. Still have it somewhere I think.
  16. NOT A TA

    Suspension Hardware

    I am the one who makes this ^^^. The kit is made with modified grade 8 bolts and modified washers. You can read more about why it's a worthwhile repair/modification and view pics showing why the original design wasn't so great here...
  17. NOT A TA

    Frame rail and torque box replacement

    Lift up on the rear edge of each door with them open to see if the hinges are worn. Don't want to be lining things up on sagging doors.
  18. NOT A TA

    Frame rail and torque box replacement

    BTDT and know that's a lot of work! Keep at it!
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    Hinky Sway Bar - '70RS

    I believe you can buy brackets like these from PTFB eliminating the fabrication work. Like a lot of things it's usually cheaper to buy the item compared with the materials expense and labor time you'd spend making them. So you could just buy them and weld to your frame. My '70 bird didn't have...

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