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  1. Rascal

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    Gary, Nice subframe, I have decided to go aftermarket.
  2. Rascal

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    PM replied.
  3. Rascal

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    Thanks for that info.
  4. Rascal

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    Thanks for response and noted.
  5. Rascal

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe

    WTB 1970 - 1973 Camaro Subframe I have a 1973 Camaro Base Coupe, my winter project is replacing the bent up Front Subframe. The 1970-1973 Camaro Subframes are all the same. I am looking to buy a Subframe that has NO issues. All measurements must be as manufactured specifications, no bends or...
  6. Rascal

    1977 LT (32 yrs and counting)

    Looks Good, my body/paint was 10yrs ago painted in my garage LOL. Turned out great. Here’s a “Motivational” video for you of my ride… Keep at it every spare hour and it will come to fruition!!’ -Rascal
  7. Rascal

    Butternut the Gumball Camaro

    Really nice project, paint looks great. My .02s; loose the fog lights and install the bumperettes, otherwise perfect. The vette hood scoop is really a nice touch too. Accessory fog lights on cars, CB radios & Trunk Antennas should be relegated to the 1970s'...
  8. Rascal

    Bent Rear Sway Bar

    A 12 or 20 ton press would straighten that sway bar in short order. A cheapo new sway bar is ~$200 and a good name brand starts at about twice the price (Detroit Speed $370) and up to $500ish for the best, e.g. Hotchkis or RideTech. I upgraded my ‘13 Silverado 1500 front sway bar to a 1 1/2”...
  9. Rascal

    Ugliest F-body Ever? Only $24,995!

    Needs white wall tires to complete the "ensemble"...
  10. Rascal

    Breaking rocker arm studs

    My .02, I would stop and disassemble the top of the engine; intake, heads and camshaft, then fully inspect for any damage. If damage address how bad and repair as required. If NO damage reinstall cam at dot to dot on crank/cam gears and one head with head gasket and 3-4 bolts just enough to...
  11. Rascal


    My .02, Experience re-built 50+ engines for myself and mostly others. Use synthetic, no question. Assume street... 0-30,000 miles 5/30, 10/30 30,000-90,000 5/40, 10/40 90,000+ 20/50 Simple reason clearances are smaller in new/newer engines. Clearances increase with engine use. I have...
  12. Rascal

    383 carb size?

    My .02, I have used a Holley 700cfm double dumper with reduced jet sizes and smaller squirters for 15+ years on a few 383 SBCs. My 700cfm also has the Holley strip kit and recent Quick Fuel metering block kit installed. In hind sight I should have selected a 650 or 600 cfm, either would have...
  13. Rascal

    Ebay fee's

    My .02, I have been an eBay Member since Jan 2000. Had 100% rating, for 21 years; sold a $20 guitar pedal a few months back. Buyer stated item received doesn’t work, no problem, I offered 100% refund including shipping cost refund immediately. The Buyer was a psychopath, he sent multiple...
  14. Rascal

    Interesting 383 LS vs SBC video

    Ducati's are sooo cool!!!
  15. Rascal

    Interesting 383 LS vs SBC video

    My .02, The engines & components MUST be matched as CLOSE as possible for a viable comparison! Short Block/Bottom end: Match the compression Top End: Match the head intake runners sizes, match the valve sizes, match the cam lift/duration, etc., match intake/Carb (if possible re: LS usually...
  16. Rascal

    Subframe connectors, solid or flex

    when pic scrolled by my mobile I thought it was a dog turd! LOL!!!
  17. Rascal

    Powermaster 150amp alternator

    Sent you PM.
  18. Rascal

    72 Camaro SS street - strip build

    That is a really nice build! Is your goal to run 10.xx second 1/4 Mile ETs? What exhaust configuration and brand muffler(s) are going to use?
  19. Rascal

    350 donor for 383 build

    Sounds like a very good plan, you will be so much happier with a 383ci. A 383ci has more torque than a 350ci for starters, which is so useful on the street. As far as flat tappet cams break-in goes: My .02, I have used a solid lifter cam in most of my 383s I built for myself and hydraulic cams...
  20. Rascal

    350 donor for 383 build

    My .02; If the $595 is for the GM SBC block with NO machine work then the Dart SHP (or similar after-market block) becomes very cost effective. My last 383 build I used a 350 standard bore 010 high nickel block that was a 2-Bolt main. Machine shop magged block, hot tanked, drilled splayed...

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