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  1. jeff81

    Z / 28 cowl induction aircleaner. This came off my '81 Z. Will sell for $75.

    For sale: Cowl induction air cleaner off my 81 Z. $75.
  2. jeff81

    st-10 question

    There is a fill hole on the passenger side of the trans about 1/2 way up the main housing. You should fill with 90W (with the trans level) until oil level is even with the hole. You may want to do this after you have installed the trans. Make sure the car is level.
  3. jeff81

    need axles but poor

    Check out YUKON. Their prices are pretty reasonable, and good quality stuff.
  4. jeff81

    hurst shifter reverse problem

    Lift up on the shifter as you move it left?
  5. jeff81

    isn't she purdy Tommy?

    We had to put our Charlie down (bone cancer) this past July. He was 12. But now we have Augie......and he is awsome!! Augie turned 6 mos. today. kik start, we should get together next time we are in St. Louis. We just spent XMas there. our 2 boys live there, and we come down all the...
  6. jeff81

    New Old Z28 Guy

    Welcome aboard Tango. You will find a wealth of knowledge here, as well as a need for any you may have.
  7. jeff81

    No Cowboys thread?

    Wonder how he really hurt that thumb????:eek:
  8. jeff81

    No Cowboys thread?

    Think you're right Tommy. She took the legs right out from under him!
  9. jeff81

    No Cowboys thread?

    WWWWWhhhoooooo cares?? Cowboys lose! Yaaaahhhhoooooo!!! Goooooo Packers!!
  10. jeff81

    Ho Ho Ho! Got myself a christmas present!!

    Mark, Where did you get them. I likey! Been looking for some new seats. If you don't mind, I'd like to know. I'm ready to order. Do they offer brackets that will fit our cars?
  11. jeff81

    4 speed tranny tunnel

    SEARCH, SEARCH, Seek & you will find! Lots of info on this in here. Or get a 4 speed hump, and figure out where it "fits" on your floor. That will tell ya where to cut the hole for the shifter.
  12. jeff81

    Prayers needed for my husband....

    Prayer sent. God Bless.
  13. jeff81

    i want a 4 speed!

    Hey Russel, Welcome to the best Camaro Board on the internet! If you do a search on this subject in the trans & driveline topics section, you will find a multitude of info and costs. I just did this this spring, and couldn't be happier "rowing through the gears" again. It's not hard to...
  14. jeff81

    Saginaw 4 speed shifting problem

    Adjust your clutch so that you have about 1" of freeplay. If that doesn't work, then oyu probably need to replace the disk, pressure plate & throwout bearing. Take a good look at the flywheel surface if you do pull the trans & clutch. If there are any heat cracks or burn (bluing) marks at...
  15. jeff81

    I'd post this in "Competition Camaros" but no one would see it ...

    Awsome vids. Great driving Mary! Gotta be a rush to have your 'maro so tuned in! Man that old yellow 'stang sure was quick. Was that a '65-'66? I couldn't really tell from the vid. Congrats on such a schhhwwweeet performing car! I bet you're having a ball with it. Carry on!!
  16. jeff81

    lowering my rear

    First thing to do is to remove those helper springs, and see where you're at. Your car looks to sit high in the front as well. Check the springs for any of those coil spacers. If it has any, get them out too.
  17. jeff81

    Clutch Pedal Rattles like a MF!

    You have to pull the tranny only. The throwout bearing is accessible through the rear hole in the bellhousing. Like was said above, NEVER use a used throwout bearing. Spend a few extra bucks and het a good one when you replace it.
  18. jeff81

    New gears are in.... I'm not happy yet.

    Yup, That's why I put a Motive set in last week. Not a peep out of them. Got about 500 miles on them now. Eaton posi with Motive 3.42 ring & pinion set. The owner of Route 66 Hod Rod Shop in St. Louis and I talked about brands before ordering the set, and he said he strongly recommended...
  19. jeff81

    New gears are in.... I'm not happy yet.

    I just had a new Eaton posi with 3.42 gears put in on Wed. All new bearings in carrier & pinion. Set backlash at .004. We used Motive ring & pinion set. I then drove from St. Louis back home (350 miles). No noise, clunks, etc. Just schhhmmmooooth as silk. I wish I had done this first...

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