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  1. McCune

    70 Trim Plate Thought’s

    Look fake to me.
  2. McCune

    Mounting headliner side trim

    This is my 1st week of February 1973. Sometime shortly after GM changed to the single piece headliner. So 73 could have either depending on the production date. Roof structure is exactly the same
  3. McCune

    Mounting headliner side trim

    The rectangle holes are for the clips near the bottom of the inner roof.
  4. McCune

    70 deluxe black/black cloth finally done

    Very Nice.
  5. McCune

    Starter confusion!

    I don't buy into the temperature sensitive field coils. There is a whole other issue going on with so called hot starters not working. The weight issue is the large cast iron field case and large armature! 168 tooth flywheels measure 14".
  6. McCune

    2nd Generation Spring Height - Detroit Speed

    I bought the ones that NPD sells and they are a complete joke. Car sat just like that. I called and they told me it would settle. It didn't and I changed the springs.
  7. McCune

    Wanted Rear Center Spoiler

    This is nos center.
  8. McCune

    Wanted '72 Z28

    That tapered low spoiler emblem is just goofy on a tall spoiler. Not convinced yet. LOL
  9. McCune

    Wanted '72 Z28

    My first 73 was bought in 1984 and it had a Emblem. The emblem was wrong but it tells me that stuff got changed early. I don't believe the tall spoiler ever had a emblem. I am probably wrong but it makes no sense to have a Emblem on a 71 and not a 72 73.
  10. McCune

    Wanted '72 Z28

    I think it is very possible the 71 with the 3pc spoiler got the decal as well.
  11. McCune

    Production numbers

    What month was this PW Z28 built?
  12. McCune

    Aftermarket Amp meter for '71 Z28

    This is how my bone stock 73 Z28 ammeter works. Everything is 100% OEM, even the correct Delco 37 amp alternator. If you have a non original electrical system,I recommend a volt meter.
  13. McCune

    1970 Z28 for sale, check it out.

    Just a car with a story. Stories help sell cars.
  14. McCune

    1970 Z28 for sale, check it out.

    30K for restoration?
  15. McCune

    1970 Z28 for sale, check it out.

    Just a flipper with a story.
  16. McCune

    1970 Z28 for sale, check it out.

    A old car that looks like crap. But he wouldn't change it. But he'd sell it.
  17. McCune

    Stihl premixed gallon of gas

    LOL Gas powered yard tools?
  18. McCune

    '81 4-speed 305 Starter

    Check out a 1969 Z28 or a ZL-1. I bet you find straight across long bolt short bolt.
  19. McCune

    What is this where does it go and what does it do?

    Yes, the dome light switch wires.
  20. McCune

    What is this where does it go and what does it do?

    This is the wire retainer and they almost always break.

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