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  1. chevyJeff1

    The Brady Bunch House is For Sale

    Lol. A man always eats a banana from the side.
  2. chevyJeff1

    The Brady Bunch House is For Sale

    Saw that. In order to replicate the oversized staircase like in the show, they had to remove the main level floor and dig down so many feet, then reinstall a new floor then build the staircase. A monumental amount of work..
  3. chevyJeff1

    Tina Turner Died

    What a comeback she had in the mid 80’s with her solo stuff. Later she teamed up with Brian Adams, music wise. RIP, and thanks for everything..
  4. chevyJeff1

    Pro Street 67 Camaro

    I love that tub work. Looks fantastic
  5. chevyJeff1

    golden arches???

    What blows me away is the price of potato chips now. I try to avoid them as they are terrible for your health but will get a craving every once in a while.
  6. chevyJeff1

    How it's done in Sweden

    That was cool. Love the selection of different makes. I gotta admit, that little mustang II was wound out!
  7. chevyJeff1

    Ford EV's trying to match Tesla?

    It’s hard to understand the logic behind this push. Drilling the earth for oil resources is bad, so let’s replace that with raping every inch of the planet for minerals that are used to create an EV future.
  8. chevyJeff1

    When the Little Details on Your Dash Really Don't Matter....

    Throwing a guess out there..Is that a Biscayne cockpit?
  9. chevyJeff1

    Formally known as Drag City

    Cool! Looked to be around 1982? Good times to be at a drag strip!
  10. chevyJeff1

    Struck Corp Crawlers

    The attachments are really cool. Never again would your driveway be snowed in with that beast!
  11. chevyJeff1

    The 2 word game

    Dropped Chevy
  12. chevyJeff1

    Man ends his life after an AI chatbot 'encouraged' him to sacrifice himself to stop climate change

    True or not, their are definitely a lot of people in this world that are easily controlled. Herd mentality at its best.
  13. chevyJeff1

    Don't cry.

    Spilled Blue moon, or Coors? probably wouldn’t make me cry. Spilled Guinness stout? Now THAT is a tragedy. :whine: 😆
  14. chevyJeff1

    Backing pad - mid 1960s Craftsman sander

    Here is the replacement pad. Unfortunately it has been discontinued. I did find this item on eBay for $10, but the item had already been sold. Probably the best idea would be to continue to scan eBay.
  15. chevyJeff1

    inner wheel wells are they neccessary?

    Run em’
  16. chevyJeff1

    New Species Of Giant Red Trapdoor Spider Found in Australia

    How about this spider. Their bite will give men an erection lasting up to 4 hours :oops:
  17. chevyJeff1

    Thomas Midgley Jr --- Created Both Ethyl and Freon

    When I first got started in the paint industry (1980’s) a LOT of everyday paints were still made with a solvent base. I shutter to think of all those times when my co-workers and myself were literally bathing in solvent to clean up at the end of a work day. Paint thinner, mineral spirits...
  18. chevyJeff1

    Gotta love the things your kids say

    Lol. An innocent age. Great thing about it is they still believe everything you tell them. Last time I had my 3 year old Granddaughter in the car a driver was holding up a line of cars I was traveling in. I said come on clown! Move! Granddaughter said clown?! I wanna see the clown Pa Pa! 😀
  19. chevyJeff1

    Camaro Talk

    With a more available manual option.. 😉

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