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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Absolutely. I have no doubts people will run into this. Specifically if they purchased a wiper motor and washer pump separately - I guess I'm assuming there is some sort of manufacturing QA that tests: - The washer pump assembly by itself if purchased by itself - The wiper motor itself if...
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Bones57 et al, After many hours of testing on the bench and on the car, I have resolved the issue. My old washer pump assembly (purchased new ~ 8 years ago) and new wiper motor (purchased last week) were not a perfect fit, grounding out one of the terminals on the wiper motor itself. I...
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Thank you again Bones57. I will bench test everything if necessary, but since I don't have the proper equipment handy, I am testing everything on the car. I am following your factory continuity schematic and received the following continuity results with the key in the AUX position (See...
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Thank you Bones57! That is very helpful. We seem to have the same year, make, model, etc. 73 with concealed wipers (147 switch). A few comments: - Yes, I am an idiot. Up until a few hours ago, I was under the impression the middle was off, left was low, and right was high. Which is...
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Thank you both. I have watched that video and read EarlySecond's PDF many a time. Unfortunately, I'm still having issues. -Allen
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Yes it did. And my current set up is for the hidden or concealed wiper motor.
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    I pulled the dash bezel and checked the ground off the switch itself and the ground off the wiper motor (again) and both felt good and secure. Of note, the wipers were working fine previously, so I feel confident the grounds are good. Furthermore, to get the below numbers, I used the actual...
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    1973 Camaro windshield wiper motor working then not (details inside)

    Hi, I have an 1973 Camaro with the hidden wipers (barrel style wiper motor) . Admittedly, the car doesn't see rain, so after we got the wiper motor working about 2 years ago, I probably only turned it on 4 or 5 times after washing the car to ensure they still worked. This past week, I tried to...
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    My 73 Type LT Winter build

    I actually REALLY like the look. Very nice - Also my 73 Type LT is a very close color to yours. Very handsome.
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    How to seal drip rails

    I used plumbers putty on the channel that attaches to the frame. Mine won't see rain, so I can't speak on that. Best of luck sir and thanks for your help!
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    Grill question for the 70-73 RS experts

    Thanks! I actually found this last night and spent a good amount of time running through that Dale video. Thanks again.
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    anyone do this rs std front end mod?

    I really like this look. Funny. I posted a thread about this very look today. How do you think they achieved this? Standard car with the RS lights just molded in? The grill is definitely a standard non RS grill (poly). That leads me to believe it is a standard upper and lower valencer (to make...
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    Grill question for the 70-73 RS experts

    I have a 1973 Camaro RS with the poly front nose. I've noticed the grills of the 1970-1973 standard camaros don't use a poly front end and look to be a little larger that give it a more aggressive bull look. In theory, if I wanted to use this larger standard grill, could I just remove the poly...
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    Window molding install question (quick video)

    I am trying to install the chrome trim molding that goes around the A-pillar and above the door. I've read some stuff on this site, but I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for. Is there a way to bend this to make it fit any better? And do I have everything within the groove that I need? The...
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    Where are my Ford experts at?

    UPDATE: It was a clogged catalytic converter. This Ranger has 4 total and the first one was completely obliterated on the inside causing a blockage/clog. Ordered a California specific emissions one and got it bolted up and VIOLA. Back in action. I hope this helps some sad sap in the future.
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    What are you guys doing for insurance? (I'm in TN if that matters)

    Do you guys run through Hagerty?...or another classic car insurance? What did you value your car at? Did you do replacement cost or actual cost? And what are you paying yearly? Did someone come out and look and appraise your car? Hagerty was very expensive with a quick call ($1,380/yr) @...
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    Tim and Allen's '73 LT z06 Build

    Back seats and seat belts are in! All rear trim, molding, sail panels, rear deck tray, etc. are in. Speakers and radio wired up too. rear carpet is laid - definitely the last time I'll ever be doing carpet. I'm sure once you do a few of them you get better...
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    1973 Camaro Type LT project kickoff

    Yesir. Keep it up. Excited to see this one finished.
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    Tim and Allen's '73 LT z06 Build

    Slowly but Surely! Seat belts are mostly in - and only stripped 2 of the 8 bolts! :screwup: Better than Loctite, right? Sail panels and rear deck all nicely mounted Should have wired the speakers around the edge of the car instead of right down the side of the tunnel Carpet going in...
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    Rear seat back bolt size?

    Good morning! I've done a good bit of research, but I can't seem to find the bolt size for the upper portion of the rear seats? I'm looking specifically for the 2 bolts that hold the upper section of the rear seats (not the buckets) to the car. Thanks! -Allen

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