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  1. landpilot

    Is it a 1978 Z-28 engine?

  2. landpilot

    Second gen wheels

    Beautiful car! I'm very partial to white Z28's... :bowtie: ;)
  3. landpilot

    Second gen wheels

    These are Vintage Wheel Work V45s, 17x8 and 17x9, 245/45-17 and 275/40-17 Falken R660. I don't think you can buy the wheels anymore, and I'm going to 18's later this spring.
  4. landpilot

    Help! Is it a 307 or 327?

    Looks like a 307 casting (3932373) from a 1969 camaro with a TH350 transmission (the DD on the pad) originally if I'm reading it correctly... but that doesn't mean it's not got the internals to make it a 327 now.
  5. landpilot

    Second gen wheels

    Lov Love that Centerline look on a Camaro!!
  6. landpilot

    Hinky Sway Bar - '70RS

    I use the Hotchkis sway bar, i like the reinforced mount through the frame. I also use Global West reverse cat eye springs with the bearing system and Del-alum shackles. Here's a video: Global West reverse cat eye leaf spring system
  7. landpilot

    Detroit Speed steering box

    I’ve got one on my ’73, did the same thing as you with a reman… tried out the reman’d IROC box but it was still sloppy, so I sent it back and ordered the Detroit Speed box. HUGE improvement, I’ve had it in for a couple of years and it gets beat on routinely. No problems, just be sure you bleed...
  8. landpilot

    Aluminum Radiators????

    Never had a problem with my Cold Case 2-row... and that's with running hot autocross laps in 95* humid weather... I think the CC radiators have 1.25" rows but they are made to fit exactly into the original radiator space.
  9. landpilot

    Headlight Relay Kit?

    I did that as well as added a Hella Vision Plus kit and it made a huge difference at night without changing the look of the car.
  10. landpilot

    cam info for 12366543 ?

    From the cam timing calculator at Summit Racing - installed at 0* advance, at .050:
  11. landpilot

    Turbo 350 Whine

    Have you looked inside the converter to see what it looks like? Does the converter have a part number on it that you can verify it's the right one?
  12. landpilot

    Turbo 350 Whine

    That's kind of how I would define load on the pump, turning harder to supply increased demand of fluid pressure... ;)
  13. landpilot

    Turbo 350 Whine

    Does is start when you put it in gear without moving forward, or is it only heard when you're underway and moving?
  14. landpilot

    Turbo 350 Whine

    True, but it's under load when the car is in gear
  15. landpilot

    Turbo 350 Whine

    Couple of things, 1) is it the factory dipstick, and are you sure it has the right volume of fluid in it? and 2) did you replace the converter or is it the original? How many miles were on the transmission? It's something that's under load, look at the converter and planetary gear sets, and...
  16. landpilot

    Best electric fan setup

    I have this same fan setup with the PWM controller on a Cold Case 2-row aluminum radiator. Between driving and autocrossing, I've never had a problem, stays at 180, and with the PWM controller, the fans ramp up as needed without spiking the electrical system. I had to do the same shroud...
  17. landpilot

    rim and tire packege.

    I’ve got 17x8 w/4 3/4” bs in the front and 17x9 w/5” bs in the back. Tires are Falken Azenis RT660’s, 245/45-17 front and 275/40-17 in the back.. I did have to modify the seatbelt hump on the driver’s side a small amount (probably because of the spherical bushings in the springs in the rear)...
  18. landpilot

    Rear suspension upgrade\spring rates

    Here’s a link to the kit ($419) on GW’s website…. I have the GW CAT 5 springs, they have del-a-alum upper and spherical lower bushings in the rear eye, and...
  19. landpilot

    Rear suspension upgrade\spring rates

    +1 on this… I use Global West reverse -2 springs with spherical bushings in the front and del-a-lum in the rear, along with Viking double adjustable shocks. It’s a great combo and allows the rear end to track better through the corners. I don’t know if GW is selling any springs right now due...

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