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  1. Roadtrip

    79 - 81 Seatbelts

    I have a complete set from another Classic Industries with the same problem. I wasn't able to get the latch side out of the car so I ended up not using half of the belts in the package.
  2. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    Next is the doors, weather seals and interior. On the 79 there is a plastic trim piece on the bottom back of the front seats. I have looked all over and can't find it. I can't even find the name of the part. Any ideas?
  3. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    I was able to get back to it for a bit and put the rear body back together. I've decided against trying to paint it myself so for now just primer where needed.
  4. Roadtrip

    Contacting someone at FBodywarehouse

    Problem is you've only got 60 days to dispute. With our cars interior soft parts have become a real issue of long lead times. When I ordered the headliner the lead time was something like 12-13 weeks, which was not disclose by the way :(. My upholstery had a 10 month lead time so I won't get...
  5. Roadtrip

    Contacting someone at FBodywarehouse

    I ran into the same none responsive issue with Fbody Warehouse. In May I ordered a headliner and got a conformation immediately. But after over several days with no updates on shipping I requested an update and finally got confirmation that it was going to be 60 days, IIRC. In Sept after no...
  6. Roadtrip

    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    Camaro Restoration Handbook - Tom Curro & Ron Sessions I really like this book. I have the original assembly manual which is great. But kind of hard to match their process since it was an assembly line manual and other parts weren't in their way :)
  7. Roadtrip

    Blu’s Garage Build

    Green with envy, I've got a 2 car garage and driveway :(
  8. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    Making headway. Trunk area done. Next paint and install trunk lid, paint rear bumper and install new tail lenses.
  9. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    Back glass and package tray are done. Before during and after pics.
  10. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    Oh CRAP!!! So much for bragging about no rust, ugh! This is what I found when I yanked the battery out. The mounting bolts are locked in solid and they're rounding off when I try to take em out. I've got some work to do.
  11. Roadtrip

    Seat upholstery options

    I'm need to replace my upholstery and my options seem to be limited to 1. I think I've turned over every rock but I want make sure. My 79 coupe came with Standard Cloth Camel interior. Vinyl standard seems to be available from several places but cloth is not. Burlinetta deluxe cloth is out...
  12. Roadtrip

    Back glass buytl tape

    thx for the feedback, I've got the OER 3/8 and it'll be going in this week
  13. Roadtrip

    79 Standard Front Buckets foam

    I'm shopping for new foam w/wire for the front in my 79. It came with camel standard cloth interior. I found Classic and Legendary Interiors have them but very different prices. Anybody know what the differences are between them? I'm not sure if shopping by vendor pics is the best way to compare.
  14. Roadtrip

    Back glass buytl tape

    I have found mixed message about installing the back glass. The question is if buytl tape alone works or does it also need a urethane sealant? Silly question, any opinions?
  15. Roadtrip

    79 Camaro Sport Coupe Rebirth

    Well as I've said before, life sometimes gets in the way. My wife has a better saying, "If you want to make god laugh tell him you've got a plan!" I'm finally getting back to my 79. I'm taking the week off from work next week and doing nothing but the Camaro. Before I got diverted I got the...
  16. Roadtrip

    New Bushings

    I built my 79 as road car so when I did my suspension I did rubber leafs and poly bushings throughout. For me this was a great decision but not for my wife :mad: As far as handling it made it allot snappier but for ride it made it more jarring. Rubber in the leafs kept it from becoming a full...
  17. Roadtrip

    79 headliner trim parts

    Yes, that's the one. I took mine off and there's a flexible strip that goes over the metal tab that holds it in place.
  18. Roadtrip

    79 headliner trim parts

    The rear headliner garnish molding has a clear soft plastic molded piece inside. Anyone know what this is called? Anyone know where to find a replacement? Mine is kind of in tact but I would like to replace it if I can.
  19. Roadtrip

    Cold enough yet????

    My wife grew up on a farm in Iowa with wood burning gravity fed heat. She says that she puts up with the Texas heat in August so that she doesn't have to endure the cold any more. If the power goes out in August you can jump in the pool but there's not much you can do when it's -2, the power...
  20. Roadtrip

    Rear defogger

    That's outside my comfort zone so if anyone knows of a shop in Dallas that could do it I'd appreciate the referral. I need to test out the dirty connector theory first.

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