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    Building a Buggy

    I've always wanted to do this. Let us know how it turns out.
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    1978 Camaro Restoration

    I know alot a folks that are sceptical but I decided to try a product called The Last Coat. Its alot like F11 but had a little better reviews and it works awesome.
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    71 RS - abandoned 23 years

    Looks good chuck
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    Daily Driver Paint Question

    And finally this using random orbital polisher with foam polishing pad. It's a lot a work but the end result will be as good as new. Then you ready for wax.
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    Daily Driver Paint Question

    Then this using a random orbital polisher with lite cutting foam pad.
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    Daily Driver Paint Question

    This is what we use at the shop with wool buffing pad. It will remove lite scratches but not the swirl Mark's.
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    71 RS - abandoned 23 years

    Are you spraying single stage or base coat clear coat?
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    '81 Z28 Code Red

    Will the window guides not scratch the tint?
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    1970 Pro-Touring Camaro FOR SALE

    Nice But it's about 60,000 over my price range.
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    Ride height

    Can someone please tell me the rear factory ride height of a 1980 Camaro? I know it is not a set number, just give me a close guess from center of wheel to fender
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    Another grill I just finished

    Looks good
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    Project code name - Never Satisfied

    Wait a while before you wax it. Give new paint time to fully cure
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    Any glass/body gurus-replacement w/s question-my tahoe

    You can take it to the dealer but they are going to have a glass company install it. There are only 3-4 companys making aftermarket windshields and ones probably not any better than the other.
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    Project code name - Never Satisfied

    Love the color
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    I have SPC upper and lower control arms,viking coilover shocks with 550 pound springs
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    Jamieg285's '79 in the UK

    Nice to see your making progress
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    Brake booster firewall holes

    Google both and see if the part numbers match
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    Just wondering what spring rate yall running on front coilovers? I have 550 pound springs now but I want to improve the ride a little.
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    Blown 79 Z28 Camaro Make it Better Project

    I bet that was a good fealing
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    1971/2016 Camaro ss combo build.

    Awesome build

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