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    Rocker arms

    As far as ak kow still the one piece push rod which I think the orginal. I will research for the coil binding and check mine , just to let you know the roker arm still the orginal one. So maybe due to milage,
  2. J

    Rocker arms

    Due to blown head gasket , I change the oil pump for a new one because the orginal has some grinding , the push rod still the orginal one piece, I did not run the engine yet but my plan to put together in the next few weeks, I will take e a picture as soon as I got home . Thank again
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    Rocker arms

    What you recommend to start looking at during last year I have two broke off from the center
  4. J

    Rocker arms

    I think this is the 2nd one this year which broke of from the center , I found one with coil pin ingrraved to it. What you recommend to start looking for?
  5. J

    Rocker arms

    Than Thanks for replying, I see your point , just another question as I coulpe of rocker arm broke off in the past few months do you recommend change them all or the broken one only. Also I want to check the push rode to any damage or if any need any replacement, I found here in old shop a...
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    Rocker arms

    I have couple of rocker which broke off in th last few months , I make a research about roker arm and found some articles about changing the type of rocker arm and gain some hours power, found some video about people change the rocker arm to the roller type and according to them they gain...
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    Rocker arms

    hi there,my z28 78 Camaro need rocker arm replacement, i looked online for a bolt one upgrade, is these roller rocker are direct replacement or need to modify anything to install them, my engine is still stock in every point is this will effect my engine or upgrade it , what you think?
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    Head gasket for re-surfaced cast iron heads

    No, here not too many pro to work with old engine , how to check the straightening of the head?
  9. J

    Head gasket for re-surfaced cast iron heads

    Dear all After a blown head gasket I resurfaced the head(orginal cast iron) , according to the shop he removed almost 0.02 to 0.025 inch from the head , my question is should i use a thicker head gasket or normal head gasket will do? I looked online find these fel pro 7733 PT-2 which a lot says...
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    Checking Stock oil pump

    Thanks for replaying, my car is 78 z28 with stock engine and trans , I looked to the M155. Is this will fit my engine and pan without modification.
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    Checking Stock oil pump

    Dear all I just removed the oil pump and take it apart after a blown head gasket , I looked online to a way to check it but can't find anything , here is the picture of the pump if someone can point anything , as I live in Jordan the shipping cost is a nightmare , I don't want to cut cost but...
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    How to check engine block after blown head gasket

    Thanks for replying, I send the engine head for re-surface . The block has been cleaned and everything look ok hopefully , I will try to reassemble the engine and see .
  13. J

    Head bolt thread sealants - which is best

    hi there I bought the same head bolt set which has a pre-applied sealant do you recommend to use them as it is
  14. J

    What it called ?

    Dear all I found this washer/ broken on the engine head bolt location, what it called ? And does it effect the installing of the head bolt ?
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    How to check engine block after blown head gasket

    Dear all, greeting for Jordan in middle east, Unfortunately my car head gasket is blown, after removing the head I found water in cylinder 5,8 a little water was mixed as I pulled over and talked the car home removed the heads and the oil. Here in Jordan it's very hard to get pro mechanic to...
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    78 Camaro Fuse Block Troubles

    Hi there , can you take a picture of the red wire with black head connected to ACC as this wire is the only wire cutted in my harness,. Where it suppose to go
  17. J

    A-6 compressor

    Dear all, I have trouble of finding the thread size of the back lines hold bolt of A-6 compressor( stock orginal one for my 78 Camaro), I remove take to the store here in Jordan they claimed to find one, after installing the it the bolts just go couple of spin and stop, if anyone can help, it...
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    Installing an a/c high pressure switch on to the ac service port

    Hi there can you take a picture of the switch, as mine has one terminal and the plug have two is that normal.
  19. J

    Looking for factory A/C photos

    Have been looking for the same thing, can you send me a picture of your setup. Many thanks
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    Itm 4 speed shifter steering cloum lockout

    Thanks for replying, do you think my ITM shifter is going bad as I drive around is less stiff and work more smoothly.

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