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  1. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  2. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  3. mrfleet12

    73 LS drone

    I've run this same setup in 2 gen 2 LS Camaros, zero drone while cruising and actually pretty quiet until you get on it. Jegs 2.5" kit, I make my own H pipe and I use Jones flow through mufflers. Use good isolators to get the exhaust isolated from the frame/body. Both have tailpipes dumping...
  4. mrfleet12

    New to me 70 base Camaro

    No noteworthy updates, been racking up miles and smiles. Borgeson box and rag joint made a big difference and the new wheels took away the vibration I had. The throttle position sensor craped the bed, simple fix but I noticed the Fitech TPS was significantly lower quality than the AC Delco...
  5. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  6. mrfleet12

    The Brady Bunch House is For Sale

    No thanks, left cost isn't for me.
  7. mrfleet12

    Hosta Plant Question

    We have them everywhere including our woods, they prefer shade but can tolerate a few hours of sun a day.
  8. mrfleet12

    Honda Rune Motorcycle

    An older guy at the time bought one of those at our local little dealer. He put a lot of miles on that bike before he couldn't ride anymore. Pretty cool machines
  9. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  10. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  11. mrfleet12

    The 6.0 block overhead press

    They're lighter for sure but that's still out of my league. 👍
  12. mrfleet12

    The final count down...

    I'm on my last year of the 50s, didn't seem that long ago we had a party for my 50th. Seems the older you get the faster time goes by.
  13. mrfleet12

    2nd Generation Spring Height - Detroit Speed

    Same springs as biker on my 70, ran them on my 73 as well.
  14. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  15. mrfleet12

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Sorry that's just creepy
  16. mrfleet12

    I need to find the indestructible dog toy

    The two boneheads here shred all soft toys, we have several decapitated animals. One of the shepherds we had growing up had a solid steel ball that was rubber coated, I think they use them to flush out pipes. About the only thing he couldn't destroy. He use to shred empty 5 gallon metal paint...
  17. mrfleet12

    Looking for Tuner for LS Swap - Illinois

    I've used Fitech twice, I like it and really have no issues. They get a bad review but must issues are operator error. Holley makes a good controller as well. What I like about this option is I control the tune, I can make edits and get it set the way I want it without the cost of multiple...
  18. mrfleet12

    Project 72

    Sorry to hear of your family issues, lost both of mine in the same year, it was tough. Car sounds awesome, really like the lope of the cam 👍
  19. mrfleet12

    Looking for Tuner for LS Swap - Illinois

    Assume you're using a GM ecm? A buddy of mine used Komet in St Charles IL for his 2012 Camaro that's pushing around 600 to the wheels.
  20. mrfleet12

    rearend offset on my 75

    On my first build I used the Holley mounts, worked with no issue other than the price. On my current Camaro, I used the dingo plates, worked as well as the Holley mounts. Both builds I repurposed the stock trans mount. Good trans angles no vibrations etc. The mounts won't move your center line...

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