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  1. Bandit723

    Oil on sparkplug threads

    Seen this topic come up many times before. I even had the same issue. You will more that likely hear a bunch of Hammer Spit as to what the issue is. First i would try a cranking compression test to rule of worn out rings. Next focus on a intake leak and then valve seals. only so many places to...
  2. Bandit723

    Quality Mechanical Fuel Pump

    I trashed a Carter within 2000 miles. went back to a older edelbrock one 15psi (does require a regulator) but holds up.
  3. Bandit723

    Still Winter here

    yeah weather changed. it's nice to see half naked girls walking down to the harbour again.
  4. Bandit723

    The Brady Bunch House is For Sale

    yeah if i bought this thing i am sure i would puke once i stepped into it. hate the interior colors.
  5. Bandit723

    The 6.0 block overhead press

    wait just took a second look. is that disaster pants i am seeing. heard that happens after mid life.
  6. Bandit723

    The 6.0 block overhead press

    mid life crisis dude! still impressed.
  7. Bandit723

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    totally can relate!
  8. Bandit723

    Tubular a arms

    what does this mean?
  9. Bandit723

    Rear Axle Jounce Bumper Install

    I was going to say 6 beers will give you a six pack.
  10. Bandit723

    I build a sbc and can’t get it to start. PLEASE HELP!

    just throwing out the usual check the ground going to the engine. only takes a quick peak and one beer.
  11. Bandit723

    Valvoline VR1 Oil is Blue

    This is so obviously a glitch in the Matrix
  12. Bandit723

    Vented gas cap that vents both ways?

    not sure why this keeps coming up. suck and blow on the cap if air goes both ways it is vented. the spill out the back of the tank is protected by a flap in the neck of the tank. if there is not one well sorry your tank is not up to snuff.
  13. Bandit723

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    well good ride like you would get back in the 70's is hard to come by now days. persistence will get you the money....
  14. Bandit723

    Bondora’s 71 Camaro Build

    broke my fair share of windshields as well. Even dropped a engine hoist on my 76 el camino shield. I drank a bunch of beer after to ease the pain.
  15. Bandit723

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    Yeah you are right lets unpack here who is getting buffed for a product that they paid for and did not receive.
  16. Bandit723

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    sucks! you can try berkeley classics.
  17. Bandit723

    Braking system diagnosis help

    I was so hoping to see a burn out Lol. one more good bleed can't hurt one other trick i have seen was to run a plastic line from the bleeder on the brake cylinder/caliper and run it back up to the master cylinder reservoir then pump the brakes. this way you are sure not to let the reservoir go...
  18. Bandit723

    Braking system diagnosis help

    Guess mark does not use brake adjusters. Its ok stopping is overrated.
  19. Bandit723

    SpaceX Starship + Heavy Booster Test

    been here.....

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