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  1. f-body freak

    McCune's Triple option restore project 1973 TypeLT/RS/Z28

    Beautiful Jim, just gorgeous 😍 Even with that vinyl top. Makes me wanna meet the guy that ordered that one. He's gotta be just a little different 👍 Man, we sure got some VERY NICE 73s on this site. Always liked the 70s(it's the year I was born) but after spending years here at Nasty, I think I...
  2. f-body freak

    Still Winter here

    Lord have mercy guys, it April for crying out loud!!! We have our share of somewhat bad winters in Northern Ohio. Nothing like you guys get, but its been balmy here all winter. Basically 2 bad storms, that weren't bad at all really. 5 inches or so of snow each time. Temps got down in the...
  3. f-body freak

    What is a project 74 LT Z28 worth?

    This post is from 2014... Wallstwayne hasn't been on here since 2014...
  4. f-body freak

    Running out of critters to lose

    Sorry for your loss Gramps. It's been a tough winter for that
  5. f-body freak

    Camaro Talk

    Cool video
  6. f-body freak

    Did Too Much HP Kill This Engine?

    [QUOTE="G72Zed, post: 3944202, member: 78438" Lot's of money/parts in that 318, even has a roller cam, my question is why not start with a block/platform that can take it, That's what I'd say!!!! I've always been a Chevy guy, but from what I remember being a teenager in the 80s & trying to...
  7. f-body freak

    Still Winter here

    Had an inch, maybe of snow this morning, but you cud easily say we never had a winter here in Ohio this yr. I remember several 60 & 70 degree days that broke 80 & 90 yr old records. Had 1 bad snow storm the day before Christmas eve. Been about it. Lots of rain
  8. f-body freak

    Young Sheldon

    Annie is 70 yrs old & maybe looks better than she ever has 🔥 Quite impressive. She's hilarious on that show too. Also love Georgie's comments about 80s Metal Bands
  9. f-body freak

    Just Because...

    Haha What a classic
  10. f-body freak

    What’s an original 73 z28 short block worth?

    ^^^^^ "Yawn" Lmao. I'm on the fence about these LS swaps. They are great powerplants, but a nice 2nd gen camaro finely tuned with vintage speed parts like they were back in our youth is nice too. Brings back the Nostalgia of the whole thing... Maybe one of each & see which one I drive more? 👍
  11. f-body freak

    It's February

    Haven't had a winter here in Ohio yet... Had multiple days in February over 60 degrees. Was 72 Thursday, Then 30 yesterday & this morning we woke to a snow covered yard, but sun is out & a high in the 40s today so it'll be gone soon. Have had maybe 2 nasty days with snow this whole winter. Lots...
  12. f-body freak

    1973 Z28 Restoration "Lilith"

    Good to see an update 👍
  13. f-body freak

    Who the hell is Frank Rizzo

    See ya later you knookie licker 😆 I remember when the CD of these guys came out. Buddies & me sat around & laughed our a$$es off
  14. f-body freak

    70’s things that kids no longer do

    ^^^^ Oh my, lmao
  15. f-body freak

    73 Motion for sale

    Love that color 😍
  16. f-body freak

    1980 Z28 special order. New project. keep stock or Ls this baby.

    The idea of "stock looking" has always appealed to me. I mean those late 2nd gens were WAY down on power. Something has to be done to improve the performance. But the looks of those Z28s are sharp. Especially an 81. Love that functional cowl hood flapper 👍
  17. f-body freak

    Post your pets

    Damn. So sorry for your loss. Just lost our 12yr old last month. That's the longest I've had a dog live, & while I'm very fortunate for that, it just seems so different without him around. And we have an 18month old pup that has helped with the grieving. I can't imagine this without our pup...
  18. f-body freak

    70’s things that kids no longer do

    I was 12 or 13 probably. Spent the most of a couple summers in a tent in the backyard. Had an air mattress, been bag, boom box, a little B&W TV that would run on D batteries or electric. Ran an ext cord out there from the garage, lol. My buddy did the same thing a couple streets over. We wud go...
  19. f-body freak

    70’s things that kids no longer do

    Haha. YES!! We did the same. Used to wear "army helmets" for protection. They were actually yellow Tonka hard hats that we painted camouflage lol. In the winter we would play marbles at my house. We had a unfinished basement. 3 or 4 of us would go down there, turn off the lights & wing marbles...
  20. f-body freak

    Talk Me Out Of/In To A 2015 SS

    I have a 2010 SS2, 6spd. I like it alot, and the 15s handle better & have a little more HP. Visibility isn't very good, but the backseat isn't bad. Much better than our 2nd gen camaros. Mine is pampered quite a bit. Usually around 1200 miles a yr. Have had it 10yrs & put 12k on it. Has 40k...

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