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  1. Coadster32

    Hosta Plant Question

    Very hardy plants indeed. They grow pretty huge if not left unchecked for a few years. Slpit easily as well. In Connecticut, mine get afternoon-evening sun, and hold up very well.
  2. Coadster32

    The final count down...

    Agreed...I'm in my last few months of being in my 40's. Stay healthy, strong, and keep on chugging.:bowtie:
  3. Coadster32

    Squealing from engine bay only on start up

    Beautiful car you have for certain!!! Extremely well kept..👍 It could be a pully bearing as well. I agree with the others about disconnecting one belt at a time to see where the problem may lie. Easy enough and free to start. I've had a power steering belt tensioning issue, and an alternator...
  4. Coadster32

    Gaming Supplements

    Haven't seen the supplements talked about yet. My kids are teenagers. Initially, I steered them away from gaming, but I quickly realized that they would be alienated from their peers if I "stick to my guns" on it. I did teach them too much of anything is bad. They both currently have very good...
  5. Coadster32

    The wildest police chase I've ever seen.

    That was insane. Crazy he rode like that with passenger.
  6. Coadster32

    Valvoline VR1 Oil is Blue

    Smurf oil??:crazy:
  7. Coadster32

    Bacon time again

    9 year old thread revived over bacon!!! Guys place for sure..:cool:
  8. Coadster32

    Looking for 79 z28 gas door emblem

    I put the black one on my 79, only because it color matched the car much better. I also thought the color one was original.
  9. Coadster32

    Gopher problems?

    I found these work ok for moles. Not certain about gophers.
  10. Coadster32

    Console shift plate. P R D S L. S? What is the s for?

    Mine is a manual valve body TH400. I made this for mine. When I got the camaro, the tires on it were Mastercraft Avenger G/T. My young kids at the time started calling the car Avenger, and the name kind of stuck. I ended up doing this as well.
  11. Coadster32

    Carb findings

    I humbly thank you both for the kind words, help, and guidance.
  12. Coadster32

    New Kitchen Floor - LVT vs Ceramic

    I've put down three of these floors in the last four years. We got them from LL Flooring, (formally Lumber Liquidators). Kitchen, bathroom, and living room areas, one in a basement. No issues thus far. All still look really good, waterproof, and hold up well. Spend the extra $ on the thickness...
  13. Coadster32

    Ah...the internet....

    I love the "Silence of the Lambs" line....I'm having an old friend for dinner
  14. Coadster32

    Stihl premixed gallon of gas

    My husky backpack blower would honor an extra year of warranty if I bought a gallon of their gas when I bought the blower. Was worth it, as I don't use it that often. Pre-mix also got my weed whacker running mint again without the typical 2-stroke starting issues. I buy tru-fuel now. Gallon can...
  15. Coadster32

    Wheel Lock Test

    IMHO....Locks keep honest people out. If a thief wants anything bad enough, they'll take it. I did the 12 point socket trick on my FIL Jeep the other day for him. He lost his wheel lock key.
  16. Coadster32

    Which gear ratio?

    I have motive gears in my street driven only Camaro. No issues after 5 seasons.
  17. Coadster32

    Carb findings

    Got around to getting the car back on the road. Was playing with the timing, vac-advance, adjustable PCV valve, etc. Got it running ok, but still wasn't in adjustment with the idle screws. I ended up drilling two .041 holes in the primary throttle plates, to help with my non-idle screw...
  18. Coadster32

    Which gear ratio?

    Looks like you had learned that gear ratios are fickle. What seems to be a little, is a lot for certain. I had 5:10 ratio when I got my Camaro...that was really punchy and not really that driveable. If you like your "off the line" performance, and punchy throttle, an overdrive transmission would...
  19. Coadster32

    Another about stock fuel pump pressure

    I had a similar problem. At the time, the best bang I thought was the Edelbrock mechanical fuel pump. It only puts out 5.5psi. Was less expensive than a decent regulator and decent gauge. It is also clockable for clearance issues if needed. Had it on for over 5 years, and no issues. My carb is...
  20. Coadster32

    Which vac-advance can

    Thank you. A lot of guidance from the Nasty board including yourself that I am very thankful for.:D

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