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    Anybody here work for UPS? WHAT DO I DO?

    I live very close to a large Amazon fulfillment centre. All day long there are plain white trucks in the subdivision delivering their products. These guys run from house to house and don’t even ring the doorbell, never mind getting a signature, when they deliver. I was home one day awaiting a...
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    '78 Z28 - Pro Touring Or Bust

    We had a rock band in Canada back in the 80’s go by the name of Haywire. There seems to be a second generation F-body in one of their videos.
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    The 2 word game

    Statement summary
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    The 2 word game

    Fade away
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    The 2 word game

    Lab assignment
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    What I would really like to see is some Firestone Wide Ovals F70-15 on a late model muscle car, to see how many seconds that it ads to the ET.
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    The Brady Bunch House is For Sale

    You would have to organize tours, to help pay for the property taxes, that are only going to go up.
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    My wife’s V-6 RAV4 is claimed to run 14.6 quarter miles. You can mash the accelerator and it will hook up with AWD. The muscle cars of the day were hampered by lack of traction on bias ply tires.
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    Quality Mechanical Fuel Pump

    I agree with you on that Gary. Unless you are a regular on the strip you can probably get by with one of these for under 40 bucks.
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    The 2 word game

    Headed astray
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    The final count down...

    Guinness world record attempt.
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    1970 Camaro Z28 Road Test

    There is a reprint of the original road test of a 1970 Camaro Z28 in the July 2023 issue of Hot Rod magazine.
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    The final count down...

    More commonly known as “hair bands”!
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    The final count down...

    Don’t want to hijack the thread, but who doesn’t remember The Final Countdown? The original video has 1.1 billion views on YouTube. You can probably watch everyday for a year and you will not get through every cover version. Pick any instrument and there is probably a cover version, even kazoos!
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

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    The 2 word game

    Milk jugs
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    The 2 word game

    Extended warranty
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    The Black Ghost - 1970 Hemi Challenger

    I still have the Hot Rod Magazine with the write up on the Silver Bullet. He used to run 4 mufflers to keep the car quiet enough to hustle street races. The car could probably run 9’s with modern tire and exhaust technology.
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    New truck! 2001 8.1L 6spd manual

    Richard Holdener has some recent videos out on how to wake up the 8.1L.
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    The 2 word game

    Definition standard

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