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  1. 2ndOwner78

    What is this tool?

    Well, I figured it out. Not surprised nobody got this one as it is really specialized. It is from a commercial ceiling grinder. It is designed to easily remove joint lines caused by concrete seepage through forms. Settles that, now the motor will have a new life on a compressor for me. :)
  2. 2ndOwner78

    What is this tool?

    No luck yet I don't think. Here is another view, maybe that will help someone i.d. this thing. :)
  3. 2ndOwner78

    Engine ID

    J Just to add a bit more detail. As for the partial VIN (791118619) it seems to show the vehicle it went into was built in Canada. Breaking down the partial VIN. 7 = GM of Canada 9 = 1969 1 = Car Assembly Plant Oshawa, Canada 118619 = Production sequence The HM engine suffix tells us it was...
  4. 2ndOwner78

    What is this tool?

    Yes, I think it was in a fixture of some sort as well. It was through a local online auction, they don't know anything more about it. Luckily for me though since the lack of detail on their end led me to a great deal. :)
  5. 2ndOwner78

    What is this tool?

    So here is another episode of Name That Tool. You guys are always good at this one. I have not picked up this item yet so I have to go off the picture I have available. It was only listed the motor info in the sale description. The sale had a lot of industrial tools and equipment. I bought...
  6. 2ndOwner78

    Is this a member's car? LS3-Powered 1971 Chevrolet Camaro 5-Speed

    Oh I like this. A member possibly selling their 71 on Bring a Trailer? Nice looking ride with modern updates.
  7. 2ndOwner78

    Not a Camaro...70 TA, WTF

    I commented on that car early in the auction on BAT. I knew that was going to bring huge bucks. Clearly did, wow.
  8. 2ndOwner78

    Modifying 74 camaro bumper

    The bumper you posted appears to have been just cut off below the rubber strip. You can also see grinding marks from where the rubber attached on this one. Hot Rod did a little tutorial of how to do some smoothing of these 74-77 bumpers. Not real in depth but you get the idea and I think it...
  9. 2ndOwner78

    Fan Clutch and Fan for 1973 Z28

    I replaced my factory fan clutch (I still had my original fan) last year. After much research I came to the Hayden 2747 for my application. Mine is a 78 with A/C, not sure of any differences with your application. I am really happy with mine, helped with minor overheating when my A/C was...
  10. 2ndOwner78

    Trying to decode cowl tag

    I found two in mine. Rear seat and on top of the gas tank. Obviously the one from the rear seat is in better condition. :)
  11. 2ndOwner78

    Trying to decode cowl tag

    If you have the build sheet you can verify you have the correct cowl. You have it?
  12. 2ndOwner78

    Stupid engine mistake - any recommendations?

    You have the desirable 2482 nodular main caps too, nice. Are you thinking of putting in a new rear main seal while you are already this close? Might be worth it.....
  13. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Type LT

    As @Twisted_Metal noted, Type LT with RS options. So I think you'd have Type LT emblem on the grill and steering wheel center only. Then Rally Sport decals on the center of the back wing and the fenders, no chrome Camaro emblem on the fenders, it had a Camaro decal instead. The sail panels...
  14. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Type LT

    Lets see some pictures of what you are starting with. Everyone loves pictures around here! :) And start a thread to document your project progress!
  15. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Type LT

    And here is my original 8 track stereo. Option code - UM2 AM/FM &TAPE Same thing here, I just pulled it out of the box and took the pictures. It worked fine when it was removed, but that was in 1986. :)
  16. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Type LT

    Here are the 1978 Type LT sail panel emblems. I just pulled them out of the box and took the pictures. I assume they can be cleaned up a little bit. I think these are quite different from the grill emblem. But I no longer have that one so I can't be 100% sure. I am back and forth on wanting...
  17. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Type LT

    I'll try to get out to my storage area and get some pictures of my Type LT sail panel emblems. I also have a 78, mine were removed back in 1988. Are you going for a full on restoration? I still have my factory installed AM/FM with 8-track stereo as well. I removed that back in 1986 right...
  18. 2ndOwner78

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Couldn't pass up these old gold anodized Moroso valve covers. Apparently the 6870 breathers are fairly uncommon.
  19. 2ndOwner78

    engine out of my 70 trying to ID

    Do you have good pictures to post here? Seems a little off. Date code isn't A 25 9 ?? The engine suffix code of T4W doesn't show up in my info but that may be because it was a Canadian built engine. It was built in St. Catherine's, Ontario on February 13th. Casting date could be January...
  20. 2ndOwner78

    WTB - 78-79 specific Cruise Control Servo (vacuum not electrical servo)

    Anyone pull out the vacuum run cruise control system on their 78-79 Camaro (or other GM model) and still have a working servo sitting around? My cruise control is complete but has a leaking servo that won't hold vacuum making it inoperable. The rubber on these spring leaks, just need a...

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