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  1. 80sz


    I like my onion rings, few years ago it was 2 dollars a bag, now I pay over 6 a bag. I eat less onion rings now
  2. 80sz

    Favorite Picture Of Camaro Racecars

    Wow this thread is the best. Sweeeeet photos
  3. 80sz

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    Dang bud all this bs you have to go thru. I’m wishing you the best. I think by the end of the ordeal you will have car or money back.
  4. 80sz

    My Rusty 81 Berlinetta

    What we got for cam specs😎 ???? Inquiring minds wanna know
  5. 80sz

    First of year Friday night out.

    nice!!!!still snowing and salting here in Buffalo 😭😭😭😭
  6. 80sz

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    This dude thinks he’s invincible. Add that to list of wrongs
  7. 80sz

    My car was stolen by a fake shipper!

    It’s just nuts how hard you have to watch [email protected] these days. Unreal what a scam bag
  8. 80sz

    New cars with useless features

    Well you could hook up to a relay full on power and throw a momentary switch on it….lol ya sure
  9. 80sz

    New cars with useless features

    Let not talk about seat belts and the modules that are buried in the heart of the car and need to be fixed all the time. I can spend a day taking a car apart to get to the dang thing. Plastic Lego cars
  10. 80sz

    New cars with useless features

    I work at a body shop I get to drive every car out there. I can’t stand new cars, except my zl1 it’s still user friendly. So I’ll start with some use less to me features. Seats that buzz to warn you. It’s more startling than any thing. Reverse tilt mirrors, it’s never in right spot and I...
  11. 80sz

    PART-1 1980 Z.The road to getting her back on the road!

    For my ride the booster be in junk pile. It’s prolly okay buttttttt for my peace a mind and 150$ it’s going to be replaced
  12. 80sz

    1980 Z. LET THE BUILD BEGIN. By getting it running first!!!

    Nice , that looks like a great car . The tow hitch is a nice option!
  13. 80sz

    It's February

    Ya too cold !
  14. 80sz

    More cold

    Dang it’s 9* and it’s cooooold . Pretty windy adding some bite. -30 that’s crazy cold. That has to be slick to drive snow even bare pavement is slick. I got to 20 below in Buffalo ,tires felt like solid plastic driving
  15. 80sz

    1981 Z28 Barrett Jackson $98k

    Yup , mine did
  16. 80sz


    If it’s standard shift you got a 305 ci, if it’s a auto you got a 350 ci. Looks stock to me . Has the electronic carb 81 only
  17. 80sz

    What’s an acceptable level of ping

    Av gás has lead in it, higher density than gasoline and lower freezing point
  18. 80sz

    The 2 word game

    Manufactured by
  19. 80sz

    The 2 word game

    Engine cold
  20. 80sz

    And so... Winter begins.

    Not bad hanging mid 40s all Winter with a few cold burst, and some heavy snow but it’s all melted , 2” a snow on ground here

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