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  1. ChevyReb

    16th Largest Bank Folding! (SVB)

    I'll have to read that. Well 1st Citizens started the SVB layoffs this past week. So my son is now going to be looking for another job opportunity much more diligently now.
  2. ChevyReb

    Leaf Spring U Bolt Torque?

    If you tighten them too tight you can warp the plates so be careful of that.
  3. ChevyReb

    3" exhaust system for lowered stance

    I have the 2.5" pypes kit and am totally satisfied with it. No drone and not super loud but you hear it when the pedal is down. A BBC would sound a lot lower I think.
  4. ChevyReb

    3" exhaust system for lowered stance

    Have you looked at any of the oval shaped systems?
  5. ChevyReb

    Possible sale of my 71 RS/Z28

    If I was going to build a big block I'd stroke it to 496 and put 427 sticker on the air lid ;^)
  6. ChevyReb

    Possible sale of my 71 RS/Z28

    I should have bought a very nice strait black with nice red interior '68 fastback Impala roller 10 years ago for $2500. My brain hurts every time I think about it or see one now. I'd love to have one with a 496 four speed.
  7. ChevyReb

    1980 Z in Little Rock, AR anybody know this car?

    Have you seen the price of Rage filler recently?
  8. ChevyReb

    Damaged doors, replace shel or fix?

    This ! ^^^^^^^^
  9. ChevyReb

    Are all replacement aftermarket parts junk now?

    Some may, but this weekend I didn't. I needed a chop saw to cut some 1-1/2" carbon steel pipe 1/8" wall thickness. 1st thing I looked at was Harbour Freight. Cheapest one was like $140, best one was $179. Looked online and Lowes had a Dewalt in stock for $230 so I had my wife pick it up while...
  10. ChevyReb

    Chevyrebs 71 Camaro Project Returns

    I mostly sprayed the epoxy outside in The driveway on nice days as early in the morning after it was over 70 or so degrees. This is when there are the fewest bugs out to get into the coat. I did spray some inside but I had window fans and a fresh air hood. I have probably posted about the...
  11. ChevyReb

    Upper radiator hose

    NAPA 8389. Serpatine belt setup from an 88 IROC Z28. Like said you need the correct thermostat housing.
  12. ChevyReb

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Here's a pic of a new shotgun I got a short while back with its first harvested bird taken April fools day. No joke! Browning Maxus II. Most expensive gun I've ever it! I love the turkey print a few posts up!
  13. ChevyReb

    Chevyrebs 71 Camaro Project Returns

    I guess i should update this more often. I've been putting of several small things so trying to sneak in some Camaro time in between honey do and other chores. Finally have a powdercoat setup operational again. I gave up looking for the other hood side latch assembly so I blasted the one I had...
  14. ChevyReb

    Which gear ratio?

    This depends on how tall the tire is and stall converter. I have a TH350 with 3k stall and 26" tall tire and 3:31 gears and I run around 27-2800 rpm at 60mph. I hope to at some point install a 200R4 or 4L80 overdrive and a lower gear. I think near term I'll be installing taller tires and...
  15. ChevyReb

    For Sale Original 1975 hood in as new condition off my 1975 Camaro LT

    Where are you located? also per forum rules you need to post an asking price or a site admin will step in and ask you. Welcome to the forum!
  16. ChevyReb

    1972 SS 350 4 speed shell with "K" title

    Has a Z-28 rear bumper.
  17. ChevyReb

    Cowl Hood Trim

    Try a search on that a member posted a solution to that here. Used some black plastic and fastened to the cowl plastic grill cover and looked very presentable.
  18. ChevyReb

    Always Be Alert When Riding a Motorcycle

    I've seen some really dumb riders, but that's on them...most of them would only be a danger to their own mortality (not all). But people driving cars are like the mime above...they just think motorcycles can magically stop or jump over their [email protected]. I've had a few butt puckering moments on...
  19. ChevyReb

    Horns What Happened

    Thanks fbody_Mike. I have tried the rubber mallet already but not another ground location. Fingers 🤞
  20. ChevyReb

    Horns What Happened

    Yeah I've tested it hooked directly to the battery and both are dead. Maybe the prepsol got into it and killed the coils? I've ground down the paint around the holes and connected to battery. I have other horns that are not the correct ones for a '71 that are working. So at this point I'm going...

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