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    Sent my buddy to heaven

    So sory for your loss,the time goes so fast,I always have said that animals touch a part of us that humans can't.I agree Bentley will be waiting for you- stay strong brother.
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    Aurora slot cars

    I still set my model motoring track up sometimes,our collie who uses his long nose for everything tries to get the cars with it but buzzes his wet nose on the track power and can't figure it out and never learns!! Later Steve!!
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    golden arches???

    ^^^^ Glad you said it,I was thinking that from the start but I didn't want to derail the thread with "Boomer Rage" as Dave calls it with the 3 post in LOL!!! I was talking to my boss yesterday,Told him I don't know how I became an cranky old man so fast!!!! Later Steve!!
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    golden arches???

    Every place seems that way now wifey and I stopped at Burger King on the way home from a day trip because we ran late,2 whopper with cheese meals with a large soda-reg fries $24 bucks and change,and it was a dripping hot mess from being Nuked-yuk.Only place around with a "deal" is Wendys has a...
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    Baby shower gift ideas for a boy???

    Been a rough two weeks here-work and home! Anyway the "shower" was great he knew nothing of it,The supervisor said we were having a group lunch at 11:30.we all started slowly sneaking out at 11:15 and had a fella distract him in the test area so they were the last ones in.He was so surprised he...
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    Baby shower gift ideas for a boy???

    Wifey and I did some baby shopping this morning [we never had kids,wife swears she can't stand them but boy there must be an engrained mental mother sense there while we were looking!] Anyway we saw that and were looking like the dated old farts we are,thought HUH?? we never had that but maybe...
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    Baby shower gift ideas for a boy???

    The Shower thing is a "work dept "thing,not outside of work,our morale and inner department frustrations with management,engineering is starting to tear us apart- the not my job-his fault etc between our group which is pretty tight knit. Our supervisor has been doing these things on his...
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    Baby shower gift ideas for a boy???

    I know,real car related but I have been invited to a baby shower at work for another guy who's wife is having a baby real soon-this Stuff is new to me,dads gave out cigars when their kids wre born in my time.Anyway being childless and most of my friends the same,any ideas other than $50 bucks in...
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    New family member

    What a cutie! She'lll have loving forever home-Congrats! Later Steve!!
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    Have a very merry Catsmas!

    Too cool!My Brother the punk used to put catnip in the tree every year and that crazy siamese we had would literally climb in the tree every year Mom never caught on,talked years later about that "crazy siamese"Later Steve
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    Tested Positive.........again

    Hey Dave sorry to hear-Same exact boat for me! Had a supervisor running around for a week hacking coughing up a storm,someone asked him if he tested himself -duh no its only a cold [genius] made him test tested positive.Last Saturday I had the sore throat and Sunday I was down-had wifey go to...
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    Speeding never ends well

    I remember a phrase one of the announcers used on the old TNN channel when they had NASCAR,and someone would pack it in the wall>He'd say "They ran out of talent" From what I see driving today theres not much talent to begin with anywhere on our roads! Later Steve!!
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    Publishers Clearing House

    They are printing that bill-board sized check-it takes some time! Ask them if you get 52 of those bill board sized checks a year for the rest of your life or do they wire it to an account. I'm a total paranoid but if its true for ya congrats Later Steve!!
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    Indianapolis Colts - Minnesota Vikings Saturday Game

    Where is Champ? I hope he's well,I was expecting some Cousins/Rodgers stat comparisons earlier in the year with the Packers falling on their collective face-was always a popcorn eating read!!!I would think he'd be all over this- Hope he's well-Later Steve!!
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    How many times have you done this?

    I hate when you have done all your bending on a pre-flared tube you find both nuts on one end,have had a double flare tool for years can't seem to ever get it right,so preflared for brake lines at least are for me sadly Later Steve!!
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    1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 , 350 , 4 spd manual with 373 gears

    Probably a partially plugged/or undersized radiator if has been replaced,have owned a 99 denali 17 years with 3.73's towed 25-30 foot TT with it in "d" always. At about 10 years old it would creep up in temp with a/c on on long hauls,original radiator was getting plugged.The generic replacement...
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    Lost my best buddy yesterdsy

    Sorry for your loss,those 4 legged friends seem to find a part in our heart no human can,my and wifeys thoughts are with you and your family.
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    Boxing Bunnies

    Me thinks that was "Foxy Boxing" here in the states,my mind must be juvinile too cause I was expecting to see some 2 legged bunnies also.Later Steve!!
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    I rescued this little guy

    What a handsome fellow! I love his markings especially on his sides! Good on you for rescuing him! Later Steve!
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    People Online Vs Real Life

    When I did HVAC, we would say those people had big phone Cahones, Get there and SOOOO nice after reaming the phone girl a new one.Had a D*CK that actually made the phone girl cry,and she was a tough cookie,I got the call of course he's all nice,so mentioned we were having problems at the...