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    200r4 package

    Got someone interested in the whole package but will let you know if he doesn't take it. Thanks
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    200r4 package

    He is right Longwood is between Orlando and Daytona Beach.
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    200r4 package

    Rather not. I'm Too old.
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    200r4 package

    200r4 with TCI lockup kit installed. Comes with converter, 400 crossmember, stock shifter that has the overdrive detent kit installed and a new OD sticker. Has everything but the shift cable. It uses a turbo 350 cable. Everything to bolt the overdrive trans in. It has been in my 73 camaro for a...
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    Such a great deal it makes me sick

    64 coupe in street trim would bring $40k. If he can find the race history of the car... he could have a $100k+ car.... Yep... he got a deal. I'll trade my 2nd gen and some cash!! (don't scream at me... I have 2 second gens... won't get rid of both!!)
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    a couple questions about what to keep in a race car

    How do you insure a car with a rollcage? Hagerty won't cover them anymore and my local state farm agent said no.. too much like a race car for the street. Does any collector car insurance company cover cars with rollcages?
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    JiffyLube scams people.....who'd guessed

    Back in the late 1980's I was living near Delaware and driving to Virginia to work. We put 1200 miles a week on our mini van. After all that driving, the last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was change the oil so I took it to our neighborhood Jiffy lube every 3 weeks for an oil change...
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    Removing Vinyl decals

    We put them on in 2002 but it has been sitting under a car cover out in the Florida sun. I am guessing thats why they are really stuck on there. Does Eastwood sell the eraser wheel?
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    Unrestored 70 Z is back on ebay again

    WOnder why he doesn't drop the reserve? Maybe he is still fishing... Seeing what he thinks it is worth...
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    Yet another Ebay Deluxe 70Z..

    ok... so what do you think he will get out of it??? Im' betting it weill go to $8K but won't make his reserve....
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    American Muscle 1973 Z28

    Saw a pile of them in the Wal-Mart clearence isle for $8.00. Only kidding..cause they would be at my home if they were. That looks like a pretty detailed car.
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    A/C condenser- usable?

    Anyone have any luck having one soldered? My sons 73 has a leak and new ones are really expensive.
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    Wasn't Worth It !!!!!

    After replacing 2 rubber noses in 3 years from people backing into me (they never go back to the "normal" shape after a bump) I bought the fiberglass replacement. The theory was that I could fix the glass one pretty easily. It fit really bad and needed a lot of grinding to make it fit flat...
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    First Look At Repop ’69 Camaro Bodies

    Saw the same series on Muscle car. They sure did do a lot of extra body work to make it perfect. It was worth it... but for $13K.. you'd think it would be straighter.
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    Removing Vinyl decals

    Ok... I screwed up... I have a bunch of vinyl decals (huge BOWTIE on door, chevy all over the place etc) that I want to take off and heard that 3M weatherstip remover would lossen them up. I tried it but made no difference at all. Let it soak, tried scraping with a plastic putty knife...
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    Damn You guys!!!!!!

    So wheres the 2nd gen it is going in?
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    Orlando cruise?

    Does the Camaro club that used to be part of Classic Chevy still cruise in Orlando or have they moved to Titusville when Ecklers bought them up?
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    Makes me want to break out the engine cleaner and work on mine!!
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    Prank on Brother

    I am sure the Hotel has a bar... just take him there, say you have to go to the mens room (PLEASE DON'T GO TO THE MENS ROOM) and just leave him there for a while by himself. You can stay just far enough away to get some video or photos.... but... 75 Camaro is right... I have been a prankster for...
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    Bird Flu Has Hit 1st Trailer Park in Florida

    So thats where my Flamingo went.... my front yard looks empty without it... I guess the flock I have in the back yard will have to do...