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    79 z pro touing 406sbc t56 nj

    Bump still available
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    79 z pro touing 406sbc t56 nj

    1979 Camaro Z/28. Original Z car. Pro Touring. Car is not perfect but a nice car overall. 2013: Frame on restoration. Frame and underneath painted black. Paint color exterior: 1985 Iroc blue code wa8587 (light blue). Engine: 406 SBC. Eagle rotating assembly. Dart aluminum heads. MSD6A...
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    Anyone have suggestions how to fasten seatbelt to seat besides drilling holes? Also its been a while are all visors hanging down like this or is there a way to keep visors up? Thanks.
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    Touch Screen Radio

    I was looking at it also and wondering same
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    79z cruiser project

    Thankful for this site. Been lurking for years and eyeing up one car in particular on this site. 3 yrs later I was able to buy it and bring it home. I need to do some suspension work, litte electrical, interior and better than 273 open rear gears. Got it to cruise with the fam. About 400hp and...
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    Free second gen parts

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    Free second gen parts

    I have a stock fan shroud, stock radiator cover, some other unknown part and ac lines. Pictures are attached. They are getting picked up for junk pickup October 12th, if anyone wants them before then for free. I will not ship anything. Located in northern nj.
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    1979 z NY

    SOLLLD 2 years later
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    Edelbrock 454 wheels

    Yes like these but the one year production ones are made from edelbrock with their logo on wheel
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    Edelbrock 454 wheels

    These wheels were apparently in production for only one year by Edelbrock. I looked at a camaro that had them. Apparently they are rare and valuable. Anyone have more insight on them?
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    1978 Z-28

    Hmmm...?not sure
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    1978 Z-28

    Carfax. Did it. Saw a service record. Called shop. Got owners number.
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    1979 z28 in lower NY

    Still like to see car. Sent you pm in May.
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    1979 Pro Touring Camaro 383 Stroker

    $12g would be my estimate. Looks nice
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    79 Z28 LS6 T56 six speed for sale

    Dont sell it. Keep it for winter and sell in late spring to me
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    79 camaro w/ls1

    not my car. found on craigslist. looks like decent deal. thought I would share.
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    77 z28 camaro 4 sale

    I wish. Too far away
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    77 z28 camaro 4 sale

    Def a good buy. What motor is in it? I love it