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  1. southwind7

    Organizing garage, got some parts for sale.

    They are from a 73 Z/28
  2. southwind7

    Organizing garage, got some parts for sale.

    How do I send you a private message. I haven't done this before. Do I use start conversation? I can hear some of you guys laughing at me!
  3. southwind7

    Organizing garage, got some parts for sale.

    Got some parts for sale. All used parts came off of my 73 Z/28 (non RS). Kept the parts that I thought were in good enough condition that somebody could use them, and I am organizing my garage and they need to go. I haven't used the swap meet section before, so bear with me. If you are...
  4. southwind7

    73 Z28 Decals

    Pics of decals. Tire pressure decal doesn't have the black border.
  5. southwind7

    73 Z28 Decals

    I think I got mine from NPD. The emission decal was exactly the same but the tire pressure decal was a little different.
  6. southwind7

    Random Shut off- New issue

    Years ago, when I was driving my 73 every day, sometimes when I hit a bump it would shut off. It would start right back up. It was the sliding ignition switch on top of steering column. Just a thought. They are cheap and not that hard to replace.
  7. southwind7

    TH400 kickdown solenoid connector leak

    Yes. Mine is the single wire. The brass terminal goes thru the plastic to inside the case. Just started leaking, bad enough to leave a spot on my garage floor. Also wondering if anybody has had any luck removing connector without dropping pan. I will be replacing connector so not worried about...
  8. southwind7

    TH400 kickdown solenoid connector leak

    Anybody had the solenoid connector leak where the terminal goes thru the connector? Connector has new o-ring. Pulled rubber boot off and there is fluid inside.
  9. southwind7

    Best cam

    Don't overlook Isky. Superior raw materials, experience and knowledge. Been in the business longer than anybody.
  10. southwind7

    6x9 Speakers & Spare Tire?

    A pic of how the spacers look. I can always do something different later if I decide someday. Also, a pic of my CD mounted in my glovebox. Only one that would fit was a Kenwood. Put my factory radio back in with single front center speaker.
  11. southwind7

    6x9 Speakers & Spare Tire?

    I used an angled spacer to raise speaker up. I got a hell of a deal on some JBL's and didn't give it any thought about spare tire. I have a bad habit of doing things backwards! I guess that is why I never had my spare mounted correctly back in the day.
  12. southwind7

    brakes - stopping ability

    Thank you tom3, I will be posting more details on my build later. My steering wheel was a bit off so I had to reset toe. I made my own alignment tool, and it only works without trim rings. Front spoiler isn't installed because it easier to adjust toe with it off. Of course, I haven't been able...
  13. southwind7

    brakes - stopping ability

    I have the same issue. Just finished my car and only had it out for a couple test runs and I feel the same way about the brakes. Everything is stock/new, except upgraded to Russell steel braided brake lines. I have come to the conclusion that I am just used to newer vehicles more advanced brake...
  14. southwind7

    Roof/quarter joint

    The more research I did the more confused I got. I ended up going with Fibral by U-pol. Just getting my car finished so I can't tell you how it will hold up. A lot harder to sand than regular body filler, but used very little body filler after, just filling in pinholes.
  15. southwind7

    Cam Recommendation For 355 (Hyd. Flat Tappet)

    Isky, period. Superior materials, quality control, knowledge and experience. IMHO.
  16. southwind7

    Window Roller Removal

    I made one out of an old crappy socket I had. Worked great.
  17. southwind7

    One click when starting

    The ignition switch that is on top of the steering column can do some weird sh*t sometimes. When I was driving my Z daily in the 80's, if I hit a pothole or a bump sometimes it would just shut off. I'd pull over hit the key and it would start right up. It was that ignition switch. It's a cheap...
  18. southwind7

    Car cover ratings

    Some online sellers don't manufacture or stock anything, it is all drop shipped. I ordered a Budge Luxury Indoor Stretch cover today, in stock Black Friday 20% off 127.96 shipped. I decided to get this one because they make them and have been doing it a long time.
  19. southwind7

    Best leather seat cleaner/restorer

    This doesn't apply to your situation; your seats look like they just need a light cleaning, I worked for a dealership awhile back that had a small second lot in our town and they would bring some of their trade-ins in for me to detail in my spare time. It was a Ford Explorer with light tan...
  20. southwind7

    Wondering about hood clearance?

    Thank you. Don't want to hijack Gordies post but in response to 70-Camaro I put in stock 2292 mounts. I did use a size larger bolt to because the old ones were kinda sloppy in the mount and the holes in the other piece were large enough to accept a larger bolt. Went from 3/8 to 7/16 or 7/16 to...