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    After owning for 50 years, decided to restore my 70 SS350

    Here's a picture of a Astro Blue original paint 1970 Olds and my 1971 SS396. I know. I know, the stripes on a SS. Car was painted in DuPont Lucite lacquer probably 40 years ago and stripes were there from the original owner, so they went back on. At that time we really didn't care about...
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    427 bbc build? Whats better? More cubes or better heads or vortex supercharger?

    Many moons ago, my stock '71 LS3 with the open chamber oval port "smog" heads, 8.5:1 compression and an early Competition Cams, CB300h, hydraulic went 108 MPH in the quarter. Cam was terrible bottom end, but really turned on upstairs. Figuring closed chamber heads would bump the compression...
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    Joey Grey muffler vs Gardner

    I too have a Walker transverse probably from the early 80s as well on my 71 LS3. At the time I had exhaust pipes made up and proceeded to cut them for headers. Does anyone know where to find front exhaust pipes for a '71 big block car, rest of the system was NOS replacements including the...
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    My 71 Z28 100% all orig "survivor"

    It's only all original ONCE. Just sayin'. Many moons ago I bought a '71 SS/RS 396 from the original owner. At that time didn't think to ask for any original paperwork as these were just used cars in the late 70s. Motor swaps were a common weekend occurrence and who cared about matching...
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    Engine Coolant

    Careful with the chemical flush, wear protective gear, follow directions and be sure to fully neutralize, or it will reduce life of new coolant. Prestone used to have a kit that Ts into the heater hose and literally back flushes the system. Unless the system was neglected, or oil got into it...
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    1971 rs bumpers

    If you have your originals, keep them, unless damaged or deeply pitted. Probably not easy to find a good ghrome shop these days. Had mine done probably 40 years ago, I think 3 part process, copper, nickel, chrome. They were also in good condition, guy wouldn't do them if dented, or pitted...
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    Tire Repair

    We had a new 1970 Olds with BF Goodrich OEM tires and had the tread separate on a trip in upstate NY back in 1970. Car probably had less than 10K miles on it. They were H78-15s.
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    1972 z28 radiator

    Call Finger's Radiator in North Brunswick, NJ, 732-297-3563. They're straight up Rt. 1 from PA and they do antique/classic radiator repair. They recently repaired the radiator in my 1971 big block car. Radiator was recored about 30 years ago and they managed to repair it.
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    Best way to go on engine rebuild

    I agree with COPO. My original numbers matching '71 LS3 is still sitting in the same spot since I removed it 40 or so years ago.
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    correct gear lube for 72 ss camaro rear end

    Any 85w-90, or similar gear lube is fine unless it's a posi, then you will need that little bottle of GM positraction additive. Should take about 4 pints. There was this GM Special Formula gear lube in quart cans that was the magic elixir for posi clutch chatter. Today that stuff is unobtanium.
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    Hemmings Find of the Day 1970 Camaro

    Check this out.
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    Sleeping Big Block

    Thanks for the replies. I was leaning toward priming the engine. Over the years I've started several engines that have been sitting outside for many years, but wasn't concerned with the outcome. Started a 6cyl Ford that sat so long the throttle plate was frozen and clutch was stuck, it ran...
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    Sleeping Big Block

    Have a '71 LS-3 SS/RS that hasn't been started in almost 2 years. Not a planned sleep, just parked it after a car show and that was that. When I decide to get it running again, should I just crank it until it starts and risk wiping the cam? Or, pull the distributor, run the oil pump, then...
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    Best quality Dashpad?

    I also have a never installed NOS pad from 20 or so years ago that I had some guy paint the correct color, but the paint flakes off when pressing on the dash. I'm thinking there is a dye instead of paint. Doesn't matter now as I pulled it out of storage and it too is curling like the original...
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    Help with 72 LS-3 alternator bracket

    Is that the original alternator? I thought GM switched to internal regulator in '72? Terminals look like external regulator. My 71 LS-3 setup looks the same as far as the brackets are concerned.
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    72 RE SS camaro 47400 miles. opinion needed.

    Here's my take on it. I have a '71 SS/RS 396, Lime Green, paint code 43, with green interior. When I had the car painted many years ago, I wanted to change the color and the interior color. The guy who painted the car was very vocal about keeping the original color since, " I don't see the...
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    Engine Rebuilders

    Can anyone recommend a good reputable shop in the central New Jersey area to rebuild my original 1971 engine. Nothing fancy, just a stock rebuild. Seems most shops are gone for one reason, or another. I called a few and all they do is race motors. There's a assembly line rebuilder, but don't...
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    Finally found fuel filter bracket..

    Just think all that day 2 stuff that got pitched when these cars were new. I bought my '71 LS3 from the original owner and the carb and air cleaner were already gone, but who cared back then, it was a daily driver. Luckily when I painted the car a long time ago, NOS GM parts were still...
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    1972 LS3 402 CI Specification Questions

    Well, here's my 2¢. I have a '71 SS/RS LS3 and at one time had the same thought. In '71 GM switched to a oval port "open-chamber style" head and taper seat plugs. The chamber was open more than a true open chamber Mark IV head giving a 8.5:1 compression ratio, so my thinking was slap a set of...
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    Survivor: Keep original or modify the engine/drivetrain?

    It's only original once. If it's a true never been apart survivor, I would be hard pressed to take a wrench to it. I have a '71 SS/RS LS3 that I have owned for quite some time and years past I went the go fast route, all bolt on stuff. At that time it was pretty close to a survivor...