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  1. manicmechanic

    1980 Z in Little Rock, AR anybody know this car?

    Craigslist of Little Rock, AR.
  2. manicmechanic

    Chronic coolant loss in my 1978 w/350

    My my how quickly we all forget, heads in the late 70's were notorious for cracking around the valve seats and loosing fluid. Cracks would mostly leak once motor was heated up to full temp. OP model is a 78 350 but is it the original 350 block and heads? If none of the other checks listed show...
  3. manicmechanic

    1980 Z. Current update. Getting closer to a burnout vid.

    I would suggest you just get a new fan clutch and not a flex fan.
  4. manicmechanic

    1980 z28 Seat back replacement?

    I would suggest you take your seat out and look at the stops that the upper half rests on. Most time these are bent and will result in what your experiencing. That and the arms that come out of the seat back to the lower seat can also be bent.
  5. manicmechanic

    B&M Megashifter

    After receiving the new QS, I'm sad to report that the shift ball has gone from a solid metal or aluminum ball to plastic.
  6. manicmechanic

    B&M Megashifter

    look in the lower right for the 329. price sold by amazon.
  7. manicmechanic

    B&M Megashifter

    I had a Quicksilver in my 78Z and just ordered another one for my 80Z, comes in tomorrow. I got it on Amazon for 329. while everyone else is getting 405. or more for them. I had to look deep into amazon for that price they started at 379. while it said sold and ships from amazon it's coming from...
  8. manicmechanic

    LED headlights

    I ordered a set of the Holley Modern Whites and I just need to install them, Wasn't sure about the plastic lens but glass breaks and if you get something in glass that is no longer offered in a few years???
  9. manicmechanic

    1980-1981 Z28 Intake options

    When I ran the Edl 2101 I ran it with the seal no issue.
  10. manicmechanic

    Interesting 70 RS, 17k miles, original tires and exhaust

    I guess the bigger question here is what would you do with it if you bought it? Leave it as is or restore it or resto-mod it? Everything I look at needs some kind of work, engine bay, motor, muffler etc. It's a great example of a mostly original RS but really could you leave it along after...
  11. manicmechanic

    2004R questions

    Yes they will send detailed instructions and you might check their site to see if you can download them in advance, I bought my 2004R 10+ years ago and I modified my crossmember on my 81Z. But then I ordered their crossmember years later and had exhaust pipe issues because I have a flowmaster...
  12. manicmechanic

    1979 Camaro rear bumper cover

    2 Screws hold the side trim cover over the bumper seam as well.
  13. manicmechanic

    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    Sounds like ping from too much timing or low octane gas.
  14. manicmechanic

    Nice FedEx

    At work we have to use a company called EXIROS for all ordering of anything, after getting approval of $4500 to order a new riding mower and turning the order into them, it finally arrived 2 1/2 months later. I had to wait after hours for a FedEx Freight truck to deliver it to us and while I was...
  15. manicmechanic

    Anyone in Riverside, CA area

    Looking for someone that can go to the LKQ in Riverside and pull a part for me. Thanks
  16. manicmechanic

    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    And also look at your torque converter, I recently had a weight on mine leave the scene and it developed a vibration issue but not a loss of power. You could even go as far as unbolting the TQ from the flexplate and see if this frees up the engine. Don't rev it too hard as you now have no...
  17. manicmechanic

    could use some help on picking a set of headers

    I have been running the Hedman shorties on my 383 for a while and like them, i would suggest whatever you get buy them in the raw to make any adjustments you want and then have them coated. I took out all the flange between the ports on a coated set and that left me with raw area's when I was...
  18. manicmechanic

    350 engines to avoid for a rebuild

    I currently run a 388 in my 80Z, the heads from those years are prone to cracking around the bowls and other areas, not to mention that the HP ratings of those years were weak. I updated to a set of vortec heads and a edelebrock rpm (vortec) manifold, comp roller cam and retrofit lifters with a...
  19. manicmechanic

    Brake booster and master headache

    The issue he was having is trying to find an 81 booster so he could run the plastic MC, 80 boosters are 1-1/4" vs the 81's that are 1" so the 81 plastic MC's are one year only but you have to have an 81 booster.
  20. manicmechanic

    HEI No Spark

    Ran into this issue on 454 in a Jet Boat. We had just loaded up all the hot chicks and set out when it shut down about 1000 yrds out of the wake zone. Had to pull it back to the dock and drag it home, fought it for a week changing all the parts in the Dist and still not getting it running. Asked...