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    75 and 80 Camaro

    Hello, 2 cars. 1975 is a complete car with title, but hood, fenders, and interior are in my garage. The floors, rockers, frame rails, trunk, etc are severely rusted. Front seats, door panels, and dash in poor condition. Engine does not run. 1980 Camaro does not have a title. Missing front...
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    An Adult Fairy Tale

    by the second line I thought I knew the punch line. I was wrong.
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    Windows 7 Product Key

    In the past, I used keys off of reddit or eBay. Years later I've upgraded all of my machines to 10, and they have yet to fail.
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    Two Blind Pilots

    D :
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    What's with all these clown attacks?

    Yes! (Your signature gave me the inspiration I needed bwahaha)
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    What's with all these clown attacks?

    I was going to paint my van like Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, but with all the people trying to find an excuse to use their gun, I am undecided.
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    Hurricane Matthew

    I have my kite ready : D
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    Dodge transmissions...

    My dodge does the same thing. Ill be watching this thread haha.
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    Best lost-and-found site for pets?

    Around here, theres a lost and found pet page of nearly every town on facebook. If you use facebook. A lot of members share photos, and the word gets around quickly. For instance, I just pulled up "Lost and Found Pets, Philadelphia" with 14k members. Good luck.
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    How Things Are Going

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    Keep a word

    Patty Cake
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    Keep a word

    tranny jack
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    the person above you ..........

    ^Is currently online.
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    Z28 field find.

    Wow that's a lot of rust. I'm interested to see what becomes of your project. Subscribed. Note; I have a 75 in similar condition and I bought an 80 for metal. it can be done. Too much head ache for me , but it can be done haha. Realized I just don't have that kind of time and in the process of...
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    Bait bike prank .... Funny !!!

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    My 75 and 80 Camaro for sale in NC.

    More info. 1975 Camaro: Has a title in my name. Floors, frame rails, Rocker Covers, lower section of fenders, inner fender wells, gas tank have bad rust. Hood, fenders, trunk lid, interior is currently removed. Driver seats in bad shape. No carpet. Rest of interior has been painted black at...
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    My 75 and 80 Camaro for sale in NC.

    The 80 has a 71 dash in great shape Mav. I've thought about parting them myself, I just don't have the time for it.
  18. 75Camaro4x4

    My 75 and 80 Camaro for sale in NC.

    First, Mods, if I put this in the wrong section please move. I thought there was a section specifically for Ebay/CL ads, but I couldn't find it. $1000
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    CCW suggestions ( I guess this topic is ok)

    Third that. Got one for the wife months ago, She loves it.