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  1. brooksman9

    1978 Z-28/2019 ZL1 Amalgam

    Lots of nice work you have done there so far.
  2. brooksman9

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Good luck on your recovery. Hope it wasn’t as painful as my knees were for the first day or two.
  3. brooksman9

    4X4 Diesel

    No comment
  4. brooksman9

    Palram SUNTUF Polycarbonate Panel Leaks

    Did a covered pergola on mine as well several years ago. Screwed into the valleys. Didn’t know instructions existed. 😆. No leaks. Same screws. Just got lucky I guess. I also am not tied into any part of the house either though so only run off is the pergola itself. I did overlap quite a bit though.
  5. brooksman9

    Sun Super Tach

    Well, can't send you a message. You can send me one I guess.
  6. brooksman9

    Sun Super Tach

    Hey. I'll take it. I think I can use it on one of the trucks I bought. I'll send you a PM with my info but I am leaving to go out of town in the morning for a week. I can PayPal before then or when I get back if that is ok. Thanks, Pat
  7. brooksman9

    Gary "The Dream Weaver" Wright R.I.P.

    Loved those as a kid. RIP Gary Wright
  8. brooksman9

    His Final Margarita - Goodbye Mr Buffet

    RIP Mr Buffet
  9. brooksman9

    AR15 forum

    Just bought a stripped down version. Looking at rear fixed sight, Red Dot maybe, carry handle, sling, magazines etc. Just wanting to learn more about them in general.
  10. brooksman9

    AR15 forum

    Anyone know a good AR15 forum? Beginner info etc.
  11. brooksman9

    10 Facts about 68 Camaro in Aloha Bobby & Rose

    Cool story. Sorry to say I have never seen the movie. May have to check it out.
  12. brooksman9

    Iiiiiiim Baaaaaaack.

    Let the fun begin
  13. brooksman9

    Plumb a hard fuel line to my Eddy carb?

    Ok, so this can be done with the parts Listed above with the exception of 660460. Instead get Earls 991947LERL or equivalent. I have some pics but they haven't made it to my computer yet from text. I'll post when they do. One thing I might add is another fitting by the end of the filter as it...
  14. brooksman9

    Stuck door

    Good luck. I wound up removing hinges and cutting the striker on the 77 I had a while back. It too was during restoration but a huge PIA
  15. brooksman9

    Plumb a hard fuel line to my Eddy carb?

    Would this work? With and replacing the elbow on the 8123?
  16. brooksman9

    Plumb a hard fuel line to my Eddy carb?

    Anyone ever find anything to make this work on a stock pump?
  17. brooksman9

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Ooops. Did it again
  18. brooksman9

    Home electrical question

    Yes. Same outlet that my compressor is on in my garage. Just make sure nothing else is on there or you’ll be making toast as well as cool air.
  19. brooksman9

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Sportsman’s triple