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  1. tjmugg

    Intake height. Edelbrock vs Stock?

    I measured it.
  2. tjmugg

    Intake height. Edelbrock vs Stock?

    Same issue here. My stock intake on my 81 is the GM 14014432. The carb deck height is 3.05" and the 2101 is 4.05 in the front but the carb sits on an angle and the back is higher. Wondering if anyone has found a performance intake that has the low profile with a spread bore carb.
  3. tjmugg

    Dills Cheap Camaros & Garage Shenanigans

    Can't wait to see it done. Great thread.
  4. tjmugg

    Charlie’s 1973 RS / LT / Z28 lives again !

    Reminds me of the 71 4sp I had back in high school. Beautiful.
  5. tjmugg


    Well done. My favorite color scheme.
  6. tjmugg

    Yet another Healthcare issue

    Sorry to hear this. It is good that it is an early diagnosis. Best of luck.
  7. tjmugg

    Vincent's 72. "EL Maro"

    This is a great thread. Its good to see persistence and how it pays off. Enjoy it and thank you for your service.
  8. tjmugg

    Fiberglass 78-81 front bumper covers

    Did the FG nose require any FG work to fit properly or was it a straight bolt on?
  9. tjmugg

    Fiberglass Front Bumper Cover

    Thanks for the input. I have been advised to try and repair the original. It has to come off but will be the best fit going back on. I am going to pull it and send it to an experienced body guy.
  10. tjmugg

    Repop Parts Review 0004 - Urethane Front Bumper (1978-1981)

    Thanks Andy, I have heard that from several other people. It may be the best option seeing that this is all original and has never been apart.
  11. tjmugg

    Repop Parts Review 0004 - Urethane Front Bumper (1978-1981)

    Hello all. This a great thread. Unfortunately some one backed into mine and put a good tear in the cover. Weighing repair vs replace and fiberglass vs urethane if replacing. Just wondering if anyone has replaced their urethane front bumper cover with a fiberglass one and how it went...
  12. tjmugg

    Fiberglass Front Bumper Cover

    Hello all. Just wondering is anyone has replaced their urethane front bumper cover with a fiberglass one and how it went? Thanks for reading and have a great holiday and 2020!!
  13. tjmugg

    1973 Z28 Restoration "Lilith"

    Best of luck with this project. Your lucky to have your Dad with his knowledge to enjoy it with.
  14. tjmugg

    1970 Camaro 6 Cylinder with a 3 Speed Manual

    I see a great car for your son to learn on. Just like we did. The reality is that most Camaro's will not have what yours does. You have plenty of other toys.
  15. tjmugg

    Need a header recommendation

    I am thinking of swapping my stock exhaust manifolds out and installing Hedman ceramic headers. The heads are stock on my 355 with a mild cam. Do you know if they match up well with the exhaust ports on the stock heads?
  16. tjmugg

    79 Z28 "Fresh Start"

    Looks great. You went deeper than I did. Its a great feeling when spring rolls around in New England and you can fire it up and head out on long country roads. Get to enjoy all the work you put in over the winter. You better be careful, you may get attached.
  17. tjmugg

    Shopping for New Tires

    Not sure if that is the size you are considering but watch your aspect ratio. 65/205 is a shorter tire. I am running 245/60/15 on the front and 255/60/15 on the rear. You can compare on websites like My BF Goodrich T/A's were made in Mexico
  18. tjmugg

    70 ss resto mod pics

    nice project. Enjoy
  19. tjmugg

    Zz502 top end noise

    Still chasing it. I have an inspection camera available to me and will check the cylinder bore this weekend. No oil loss or smoking.
  20. tjmugg

    Zz502 top end noise

    I have a similar noise issue. When the car is cold, it starts around 2000 rpm. It sounds like shaking a coffee can with marbles in it. It goes away after a few miles. Its a 350 4 bolt with about 8000 miles on a .030 over rebuild with a summit mild performance cam and hydraulic lifters. Tried...