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  1. John Wright

    Stainless Fuel Lines A&N Compression Fittings

    I second the nickel copper lines, as stated they flare really nice and you can bend it easily with your hands.
  2. John Wright

    Upgrading shop compressor

    I guess I should knock on wood, but haven't had any issues with a 80 gallon 2 stage Ingersol-Rand that I bought on sale at Tractor Supply 10+ years ago. I've heard complaints from others that they had trouble with I-R, but mine has served me well. I don't usually leave it running (except by...
  3. John Wright

    How to do a front end alignment

    I use the Longacre gauge and a set of turn plates for the caster and camber, and a cheap set of toe plate from ebay with places for two tape measures at front and rear of the front tires. Everything is pretty straightforward, except measuring caster. That is where the turn plates come in handy...
  4. John Wright

    Merry Christmas honey...................

    Thanks for sharing those tough mrfleet stated, positive attitude, it will get better
  5. John Wright

    First Tolerable Morning

    Y yo-yo here too, 80-90 during the day. 50-60 at night. I'm sure other parts of the country are seeing record highs, but it hasn't seemed all that bad for Summer here, except that the weather people keep telling us every morning that we had a record high July and August. Honestly I remember...
  6. John Wright

    Gas Cap Question

    My 70 has a vented cap and I don't think it vents enough for the amount of fuel that the fuel pump delivers when under boost. I can take the cap off sometimes and the tank makes a "bong" sound as it regains it's shape. I like the idea of adding a vent with the roll-over valve.
  7. John Wright

    Michelin tire issue…I got lucky

    Glad you caught it before it tore something up.
  8. John Wright

    Aaron's 76 Type LT Project

    Man, that thing looks great!
  9. John Wright

    A/C System works OK, but only warm air out of the vents

    Something else to consider, air flow. Too little air across the evaporator and it will freeze up and then very little air if any will exit the vents inside. IMHO, the large suction line should be sweating (dripping water), maybe a light frost but not freezing the water on it. But then it may...
  10. John Wright

    Best caster, camber and toe in specs.

    What Lowend is saying here is that you will get to a point when adding caster, the camber is going to start to go in the wrong direction, so you will be limited as to how far you can go with adding caster and retaining a decent camber number.
  11. John Wright

    Iiiiiiim Baaaaaaack.

    Nice find for sure!
  12. John Wright

    Be prepared, C-Prepared Autocross (1981 Camaro)

    Paul how do you like the truetrac diff? How does it feel under heavy power in/out of a turn? I'm still using the clutch diffs and was wondering how predictable those truetracs were.
  13. John Wright

    Home electrical question

    Curious as to why you chose to upgrade the window unit vs one of those inverter based mini-split units that use way less energy, especially on startup. I have a 230v window unit in my shop now but considering switching it out for one of the higher seer mini splits.
  14. John Wright

    1970 Camaro - Rolling Chassis - Restoration Project

    Sweet! Keep us posted
  15. John Wright

    4 Pass A/C condenser? Not a Camaro

    Sort of a side note, but are you running the blazer front spoiler? I know for a fact that makes a huge difference, even moreso if you have room to add on to the bottom of it.
  16. John Wright

    Seeking Input on Torque Wrenches

    or you can use 312 inch-lbs, if you have a torque wrench that reads in in-lbs...Edit: I don't know if I've seen one that would read over 200 in-lbs
  17. John Wright

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    It's right there....says so on the box. :crazy:
  18. John Wright

    Weird Wagon

    I like the windows...looks neat with no trim and flush mounted
  19. John Wright

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I think the problem was he used an old pvc pipe he had that had been outside in the sun exposed to UV for quite a while.
  20. John Wright

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I know a kid who did the Tire Pressure Sensor trick, ended up losing sight in his left eye and got a bunch of stitches in his face when that PVC can blew apart.