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  1. kdsracing

    Air Cleaner Clearance

    I have this combination on my ‘70. It was REALLY CLOSE. I later opted for a cowl hood mostly for air flow. I am using a Holley carb.
  2. kdsracing

    Rearend popping

    If someone recently rebuilt the rear end and used SUPER DUTY clutches they might be causing your problem. I have been told that using a clutch set that has super strong springs or shimming them thinking that it will improve grip will not let the inside tire slip as it needs to.
  3. kdsracing

    Transmission temperatures

    Sounds like a torque converter problem. My 200r4 runs very cool (160-180). If the converter never locks up, it just slips. There are many lock-up switch configurations available. The problem is magnified if you’re running a non-lockup, high stall converter. Also the TVS cable MUST be adjusted...
  4. kdsracing

    77 T/A 403 olds fan noise?

    This typical for clutch fans. This situation, and how to fix it is one of those "be careful what you wish for" scenarios. I have read many articles about performance fans and have had years of experience with trying to cool performance engines. EVERY article I have read, and all of my...
  5. kdsracing

    Location of ID stamping on 1970 camaro subframe?

    I’ve had the subframes off of a couple Camaros never saw numbers.
  6. kdsracing

    Diagram - interior grounding

    Yes, those are grounds. I found them on my ‘70 when I put in a new dash. Yes, those are grounds. I found them in my ‘70 when I put in a new dash.
  7. kdsracing

    Big block motor mounts

    There is indeed a difference in frame mounts mounts because of the hood clearance issue. You will need the big block frame mounts to lower the engine. It won’t be much, but it should be enough. GM also used a lower air cleaner housing for big block cars.
  8. kdsracing

    Timing problems

    When you plug in the vacuum, your advance should not change at idle. Advance vacuum should be ported, not manifold. Also he said he said his engine is not modified so 36 degrees may be too much.
  9. kdsracing

    Timing problems

    Sounds like the advance plate is hanging up or the weights or stops are wrong. I personally don’t like HEI or Proform. I use MSD Billet distributors with the box. They are easy to tune. The springs don’t control how much advance you get. They control how quick you get it. I set mine up for “all...
  10. kdsracing

    427 bbc build? Whats better? More cubes or better heads or vortex supercharger?

    The supercharger can’t do it’s best without good heads. I don’t think you’ll be able to get to 700 HP on iron heads.
  11. kdsracing

    New Here, 1981 Camaro Z28

    Classic Industries and NPD are two good sources.
  12. kdsracing

    1971 rs bumpers

    Pacific Polishing in Pomona
  13. kdsracing

    question about 71 Camaros

  14. kdsracing

    Stud knurls are stripped inside the rotors

    If you can get the caliper off, try removing the wheel/hub assembly as a unit. you will have to tack weld the studs from the back if you can get to them.
  15. kdsracing

    question about 71 Camaros

    I never play games with the "is it a real??". I tell them straight up that mine is not. I don't have to lean on having a "real" anything because judging from the attention the car gets, I have a "real" nice car. I like modified cars to improve performance and drivability. Most of these cars in...
  16. kdsracing

    question about 71 Camaros

    The split bumper is part of the Rallye Sport Package for '70-'73Camaros. The Rallye Sport package could be added to the base car (Rallye Sport), the SS (SS/RS) or Z28 (Z28/RS). The split bumper does not dictate tear or model.
  17. kdsracing

    Wonder why single plane intakes run, start and idle better than dual plane intakes on a big block?

    A Dominator on a Streetmaster? Thats like Greg Anderson driving a Chevy Sonic.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. kdsracing

    Piston slap noticeable on cold engine

    Definitely not normal. I have never had this on any engine if it was properly machined and assembled.